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The Rob Ford Smoking Crack Video

The video below was finally released in August 2016.

The video shows then Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack and complaining about minorities and Justin Trudeau. While this is not the first time Rob Ford make disparaging and often racist remarks about minorities and Liberal politicians, this is the infamous "Rob Ford Crack Video" that made such a big fuss.

And really you kind of have to ask, why the big fuss? Why did Rob Ford try to deny the existence of the video and keep his crack addiction secret? It was clearly going to come out eventually. It was really just a matter of time.

If the video had come out, if Rob Ford had just admitted he was addicted to crack cocaine, if he had just entered rehab and later returned to work he would have been able to transition more smoothly and with less stress to being disgraced or possibly semi-disgraced politician.

But instead he fought it. He denied the existence of the video. It turned into a huge media fuss that became international news.

This isn't even the only video of Rob Ford smoking crack. There is actually a 2nd video.

See "New Rob Ford Crack Video Surfaces".

So with multiple crack videos out there (and possibly more we are unaware of) it was really just a matter of time before they reached the media.

Proof that politicians should never be chosen for their rank popularity and should be chosen for the moral fiber.

And fast forward to 2018.

Rob Ford is dead.

He died March 22nd 2016. The above video was released months after he was already dead.

Doug Ford, his older brother, is now running for Premier of Ontario, and judging by the polls Doug Ford is going to win a majority government because the Liberals and NDP are refusing to work together in key ridings.

It would be very simple for the NDP and Liberals to cooperate by not running candidates in ridings where the Conservatives are more likely to win due to vote splitting, and they could do this in a manner which prevents the Conservatives from forming a majority government.

How you might ask?

Stay tuned for a future post where I will explain how Strategic Voting works and how the Liberals and NDP could cooperate to prevent the Conservatives from winning majority governments by running joint NDP-Liberal candidates in Conservative strongholds.

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