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Rob Ford attacks meat and potatoes, ignores gravy train

During 2013 Rob Ford proved his "gravy train" is meaningless, and proved that he is Toronto's worst enemy by bringing shame to the city on the world stage.

Since taking office Rob Ford's budget cuts have repeatedly attacked the "meat and potatoes" of Toronto instead of any so-called "gravy train".

Instead Rob Ford's wasteful spending is arguably a much bigger "gravy train" than any of the cuts he has proposed / pushed through city hall.

Fortunately Rob Ford has fallen out of favour thanks to his crack cocaine / pot addiction, wild antics, drunken behaviour, lies, corruption, temper tantrums, his threat to kill Toronto's chief of police and more. His power in city hall has been reduced to "mayor in name only".

At which point Torontonians need to be asking, do we really need a mayor?

After all, a mayor is basically just a spokesperson for the city who has a vote on city council. It is city council that wields the true power.

And we should be really thankful for that. If Rob Ford had his way, Toronto would be a financial ruin and he would drive the city drunkenly down a dark road and off a cliff. Toronto's city council however has the brains to put on the brakes however and stave off disaster.

I think the Toronto Sun summed it up quite well recently - Rob Ford is dead weight.

Rob Ford trivia on Jeopardy

Toronto and Rob Ford's reputations continued to nose dive yesterday as the TV game show "Jeopardy" took a crack at Rob Ford's crack cocaine / pot addiction.

Rob Ford breaks elevator

Rob Ford may be losing weight (he has lost 40 lbs since November), but last night he broke the elevator and was an hour late for an Economic Club of Canada meeting.

Did you vote for Rob Ford? Were you in a drunken stupor?

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Okay, it is not about Rob Ford for once... I am just posting this because it is about Toronto and very funny. It is like a cross between Fight Club and a chivalry code of conduct.


Rule #1. If you don't know the rules, learn the rules.

Rule #2. These rules are not matters of etiquette. They are rules. Follow them or suffer the consequences. See Rule #8.

Rule #3. Respect the elderly, pregnant women, and people who are disabled. They can break the rules as they see fit.

Rule #4. If standing on the escalator then stand to the right. Other people will be walking up or down the escalator on the left.

Rule #5. If there is an escalator available going in your direction the you MUST take the escalator. Do NOT take the stairs if other people are coming up or down the stairs from the opposite direction. Taking the stairs when you don't need to makes you subject to consequences. See Rule #8.

Rule #6. Go with the flow of traffic instead of annoying people. Blocking the stairs with your stupidity instead of taking the escalator makes you subject to consequences. See Rule #8.

Rule #7. No ignoring rules because you are in a hurry. Especially during rush hour times. Other people are in a hurry too so you being in a hurry and breaking the rules is just going to lead to consequences. See Rule #8.

Rule #8. People are encouraged to step on the feet, verbally abuse, elbow and stand in the way of people blatantly ignoring The Toronto Escalator Rules. Do so with the understanding that you can get away with some things, but nothing blatantly illegal.

Rule #9. Remember that elderly people, pregnant women, people with disabilities are not to subject to Rule #8. Do not elbow them or step on their feet, etc. Remember Rule #3.

Rule #10. When there are no escalators then you must take the stairs. If there is traffic going both ways on the stairs then stick to your right. Don't pass people ahead of you unless you have ample room. Remember Rule #5. If there is an escalator going in your direction, then you MUST take the escalator. Taking the stairs when you don't need to makes you subject to consequences. See Rule #8.


Rob Ford Drunk on Video, AGAIN!

Another video of Toronto's crack smoking mayor Rob Ford has surfaced, this time showing a drunk (and probably high) Rob Ford talking to some men in a fast food restaurant (Steak Queen) while speaking in a fake Jamaican accent.

The photo from the right and further below are from the new Rob Ford drunk video, which shows the Toronto mayor ranting about conducting "counter-surveillance" against the Toronto police.

The new Rob Ford drunk video has reignited calls for Rob Ford to resign as mayor and seek rehab for his drug and alcohol addiction. Such calls are nothing new and no doubt Rob Ford will continue to pursue re-election as mayor - not because he wants to accomplish anything, but because he is an egotistic buffoon who loves being the center of attention.

I cannot wait to see when he makes a drunk video containing lots of homophobic remarks. That will really bury him in controversy.

We must warn you, much of the language used by Rob Ford is considered offensive as he makes several racial comments. The video below is uncensored.

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