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The Grand Public Conspiracy to Discredit Rob Ford

What if there really was a huge conspiracy to discredit Rob Ford?

Well, let us amend that by creating a new phrase instead of conspiracy. Conspiracy means it is a small number of people who are secretly working towards one goal.

No what is happening here is not a conspiracy by any normal definition. It is too public and many people involved - with different goals and reasons for why they dislike Rob Ford.

People who like libraries.
"Orientals" who feel offended.
Women who don't like being groped, who don't like husbands who hit their wives, and women who don't like the mental abuse of being called a "pussy" by their husband in a very public manner.
People who find lies or "drunken stupors" deplorable.
Students from Rob Ford's old football coaching days, who dislike being called "minorities" in a degrading and racist fashion.
People who dislike it when white men use the n-word. (Or when anyone uses it for that matter.)
People who are upset that Rob Ford has broken his promises about subway expansion. He promised expansion, but do you see any work being done???
Anyone who finds the act of using drugs and alcohol (to the point that impairs their ability to work) while in public office an unforgivable offense.

Basically almost everyone has a reason to join a very public "quest" to have Rob Ford removed from office. It is not a conspiracy, it is a quest like the Crusades. Every person Rob Ford annoys is one more person in the army of people who want Rob Ford out of office.

Who is lying, the Americans or Rob Ford's lawyer?

According to U.S. officials Rob Ford has not arrived in the USA.

And yet according to Rob Ford's lawyer, Rob Ford has officially checked into rehab in the USA, but he won't say where.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford boarded a private plane to Chicago last week, but when he arrived in Chicago he then withdrew his request to enter the USA (leaving him in legal no-mans-land on the airport tarmac). The private plane reportedly then left Chicago, but it is not publicly known what its flight plan was.

What is known is that Rob Ford was on the plane and that the plane has not landed in either the USA or Canada, according to both U.S. and Canadian officials.

Last week, the mayor took a private plane from Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport to Chicago, but the Consul General of Canada in Chicago has confirmed that Ford did not formally enter the USA.

Upon arrival on Thursday, Ford spoke to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Consul General of Canada in Chicago. At that point, Ford withdrew his request to enter, then departed in his private plane.

It is not known why Ford withdrew his application after flying to the "Windy City" from Toronto, nor is it known where the mayor went after the plane turned around and went elsewhere.

Rob Ford's lawyer Dennis Morris said he was not on the plane with the mayor, so he couldn't comment on what went on south of the border. Dennis Morris says that the fact that the mayor is in rehab is "amazing", but he will not disclose his client's location.

The whereabouts of Rob Ford are unknown nearly a week after the Toronto mayor announced he was taking a leave of absence to seek professional help for a substance abuse problem.

The day after Ford flew to Chicago, his lawyer confirmed to CTV Toronto that the mayor had checked in to a rehab facility but refused to confirm the location.

And since his plane has not landed in Canada or the USA, it is possible he has flown to Mexico, the Bahamas, or a Central American country.

DECO Labels and Tags (one of the largest label companies in the world), the business owned by the Fords which made them billionaires, has its U.S. headquarters in Chicago, and the family maintains a residence in the city.

His ties to the Illinois city fueled speculation that he flew there to check into a local rehab facility, but there was no confirmation that Chicago was the mayor's final destination - and since he did not enter the USA according to the border patrol he must have gone somewhere else.

Ford's announcement followed a series of damaging reports containing new allegations about drug and alcohol use and inappropriate comments about a colleague that came out on Wednesday night.

The mayor told the city clerk he was taking a leave, but vowed to stay on as mayor and seek re-election in October. His notice of leave of absence did not include a return date.

So for all we know Rob Ford isn't even in a rehab. Probably somewhere getting drunk and high right now.

I’m done. I’m going to California, says Rob Ford

“. . . I’m not coming back. Once I’m done, I’m done. I’m going to California.” - Rob Ford.

The above quote is from the transcript of Rob Ford's latest drunken rant while at a Toronto pub, during which Rob Ford announced his intention to leave Toronto after he is done being mayor of Toronto and move to California instead.

This shows that Rob Ford hates Toronto - something I have pointed out previously on this blog. He certainly does not love Toronto. He just loves being the guy in charge and bullying people. Bullying people is what he loves.

So if he loses his re-election bid, if he drops out of the 2014 mayoral election, even if he did miraculously win somehow and stayed for 4 more years (unless kicked out of office for corruption or arrested for illegal activities) - the end result is clear. As soon as Rob Ford is done being mayor of Toronto, his intention - by his own words - is to leave Toronto and move to California.

I say let him go NOW.

The sooner the better.

He is obviously tired of politics and public life.

Rob Ford's quote on that topic:

“. . . I’m fucking sick of politics dude look at my record, I’m going to win, we’re going. You’ve got two choices, Olivia Chow . . . it’s the same vote. You vote for Tory, you vote for Chow.”

It is pretty clear Rob Ford wants a break, hence why he finally broke down and agreed to go to rehab for his crack addiction and alcoholism.

So the end result is that Rob Ford will move to California where he will have two options before him:

He can go to one of California's many rehab centres and clean himself up.

Or he can smoke crack until he overdoses and kills himself.

Thankfully he is going to rehab now, so maybe he will do the first. Time will tell.

Meanwhile people are betting he will quit rehab in the first two months and come back to Toronto to wreck more havoc before he eventually leaves and moves to California.

Rob Ford goes on leave of absence, goes to Rehab

Rob Ford left his home today in the wake of a new crack cocaine video showing him smoking crack, and also in the wake of drunk comments (possibly high comments too) he made at a bar.

Since the appearance of the new video and audio Rob Ford announced that he will be taking a leave of absence to go to rehab. It is unclear where Rob Ford will be seeking rehab treatment - possibly somewhere in the USA.

A friend of the family carried his luggage to a car and then Rob Ford got into a 2nd car.

It is also unknown how long Rob Ford will be gone. Could be a week, two weeks, a month, or more.

To be effective treatment he should be there a minimum of 3 months. Possibly even 6 months.

However we would wager odds Rob Ford won't even make it to 2 months - because he lacks the patience to stay there longer, and because he will want to get back to Toronto in an effort to establish himself for re-election.

However we would also guess that an extended stay might actually help his re-election chances. It would show he was serious about change. If he stayed at rehab for May, June, July and August - and then return 50 lbs lighter, sober and drug free - well then he could say that he has changed his ways somewhat.

But if he returns after only 1 or 2 months then he will likely relapse and the hilarity will continue as Torontonians shake their heads in disgust at our buffoon of a mayor.

In case you haven't seen the screen shots from the new crack video here they are.

New Rob Ford Crack Video Surfaces

A new Rob Ford crack video was recently made - showing Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine - again!

The new video was recorded in the early AM hours of Saturday morning - April 26th 2014.

The drug dealers (new drug dealers, the old ones from last year all mysteriously died...) who made the video are now trying to sell the video to Gawker and the Globe and Mail.

Below are stills from screen captures of the video.

Rob Ford's Latest Drunken Rant

The following audio recording was made while Rob Ford was drunk (and possibly high) at a Toronto bar.

The audio contains a lot of derogatory comments about his political opponents - and even his one time allies. No doubt this audio will burn a few bridges. The video shows that Ford is the type of politician who burns bridges instead of building them.

Toronto needs a mayor who builds things. Not someone who smokes up and burns everything, including his own reputation.

Below is an uncensored transcript of an audio tape of Rob Ford speaking at a bar. Parts of the tape are inaudible and the other speaker has not been identified.

Rob Ford: “. . . fucking flag up ahead of our Canadian flag. I said no . . . bullshit. Then they said they went to Queen’s Park and Tim Hudak comes out and said I agree with all the gays . . . That’s it. I lost my conservative values . . .


“. . . No, they went. The gay organization goes to Queen’s Park . . . At Queen’s Park you have to have every member to vote for. No, no, no, Tim says you know what I think that’s right . . . Right there, he lost my vote.

“I can’t vote Liberal because I don’t like what Wynne is doing, not because she’s gay or not, I just don’t like corruption. NDP, I’m just not left wing. I am like Tim Hudak, but I can’t, I won’t put a sign up . . . I might have to vote Green, I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to vote now. I have to vote something, but I’m absolutely going to vote. I’m probably going to vote Green because guy didn’t say a fucking word . . .”


“. . . I don’t mind as long as they vote. I’d rather they vote against me than not vote at all. I’d rather lose to Olivia Chow than lose to anyone . . .’


“. . . I’m not coming back. Once I’m done, I’m done. I’m going to California.”

Other speaker: “How about Karen Stintz?”

Rob Ford: “I’d fucking jam her. (Laughter) I’m so sorry I forgot there was a woman around . . .”


“. . . There’s no secret service . . . there’s no secret service . . . I’m not the normal mayor, I’m not the normal mayor. Brother, I’d fuck her wife . . . I won’t go that far.”

Other speaker: “When is the last time you smoked a joint?”

Rob Ford: “It doesn’t matter. I, I, I, these guys want me fucking covered. I said nobody’s going to cover me, I’ve got everything under control . . . I’m good. Is this your wife? Get a shot right now or I’ll fucking (inaudible) . . . I don’t mind talking politics . . . I’d pound this every day . . .”


“. . . If you don’t get a shot in two seconds I’ll knock your fucking teeth out.

Other speaker: “Everyone is allowed their downtime.”

Rob Ford: “Get her two shots . . .”


“. . . I’m fucking sick of politics dude look at my record, I’m going to win, we’re going. You’ve got two choices, Olivia Chow . . . it’s the same vote. You vote for Tory, you vote for Chow.

Other speaker: “You’re splitting the vote.”

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