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Rob Ford HATES Toronto

I recently realized something today.

Rob Ford hates Toronto.

I mean think about it logically, what is Toronto actually known for?!

#1. Hippies and Environmentalists. Rob Ford HATES hippies and environmentalists.

#2. Bicyclists. Rob Ford hates bicyclists.

#3. Traffic. Rob Ford hates traffic (don't we all?).

#4. Sports teams that never win. Rob Ford hates sports teams that never win.

#5. Homeless people. Rob Ford hates homeless people and homeless shelters.

#6. Gay and Lesbian people. Rob Ford hates gays and lesbians.

#7. Universities. Rob Ford hates universities. He doesn't even have a degree.

#8. "Orientals". While he hasn't actually said that he despises them, it has been implied by the mere fact
he uses the word "orientals" and his comments about them show some serious ignorance.

#9. Artists. Rob Ford hates artists - especially any artists who make fun of Rob Ford.

#10. The Toronto Star. Rob Ford hates the Toronto Star - and reporters in general.

So what does Rob Ford actually like?

Drinking, getting high, football, the suburbs, eating junk food (who doesn't?) and pretending to be a big shot.

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