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Rob Ford's List of Broken Promises

Rob Ford likes to talk big, but he is very bad at telling the truth and keeping promises.

The fact is Rob Ford has probably spent more time getting high / getting drunk / behaving like a jackass than actually doing anything to help the people of Toronto.

Thus it is really fun when Rob Ford claims his "fiscal record" will help get him re-elected.

His "fiscal record" is ridiculous. He comes up with numbers like "saving the city over a billion dollars" when in reality he has raised taxes, raised TTC fares, spent money on private feuds like ripping up bicycle lanes (just because he hates cyclists) and a long list of other gaffs and fiscal mismanagements.

It makes you realize that "Ford Nation" really just means fiscal incompetence and broken promises.

Check out the video below to see a list of Rob Ford's broken promises.

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