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Recap of Ford Nation Episode 1

8:00: And we’re live! Except not really, because it’s taped. Sun News plays a montage sequence explaining how our hero got to this point—returning phone calls and hating the fact that garbage was in parks. What a guy!

8:03: The show suddenly shifts to the whole crack thing, with old clips of the mayor calling the media pathological liars. The people of Toronto will accept your apology any time, your worship.

8:05: Rob assures us he’s changing his behaviour, and he’s working with professionals, although he won’t say who. To date, he really hasn’t outlined how his habits will change—other than that he’s working out in the gym two hours a day. (Which I believe is also a lie.)

8:07: Rob repeats his lie that he has saved taxpayers a billion dollars. He absolutely, definitively has not. The latest article to debunk this claim is in the Toronto Star, and it’s the most thorough yet.

8:11: Rob says he’s not perfect, but the only thing he’s perfect at is saving taxpayer’s money. Really, he said that.

8:14: A self-described member of Ford Nation asks Rob how he will put these issues behind him. Rob says, “The past is the past; it is what it is.” Apparently, he is borrowing phrases from the former catcher of the New York Yankees.

8:15: Rob claims he hasn’t had a drop of alcohol in three weeks. However, he was spotted at the LCBO a couple of days ago. He also claims that he has never missed a day of council, which is likewise false.

8:24: The Fords have their first guest on the show, and it’s their Toronto Sun stenographer Joe Warmington. The Scrawler says, “It’s not an interview—we’re just chatting.” Journalism!

Ford says that he has saved more money than any mayor in Toronto’s history, that he has built subways, and that council is spending $500,000 on an environmental assessment on Bloor. Pop quiz! Which of those comments are false?

A) Saved more money
B) Built subways
C) $500,000 for Bloor bike lanes
D) They’re all false

Ding ding ding! If you answered D you get a cookie.

8:27: Doug Ford, hater of constitutional rights, says there should be drug and alcohol testing across the country for governmental officials. What a libertarian.

8:29: Rob is whining about the cost of Project Brazen 2, because clearly that’s the issue here. Pro tip to the cost-conscious mayor: if you don’t have a laundry list of vices, the cops won’t spend millions investigating you.

8:33: We are promised that up next, measured and sensible journalist Ezra Levant will “hit back at the haters.” Earlier, the term “journalistic jihad” was used—because that’s obviously what asking the mayor about his alleged criminal connections and habits is.

8:38: Ezra has only been on air for one minute, and has already mentioned Jack Layton being in a massage parlor that he refers to as a “whorehouse.” His diatribe is one long false equivalency that tries to cast Ford as a victim because he’s a conservative.

8:39: Ezra claims Rob gets criticized because he is fat, doesn’t drive a Prius, and is not a hipster. Is Ezra a real person, or is he some kind of algorithm that scrapes the worst internet comments?

8:42: Ezra: “I’d take [Ford} on crack over his predecessor sober.”

8:44: Ezra repeats the false claim that Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale took pictures of Rob Ford’s backyard, and Rob seems to say it was in his backyard. This is patently false.

8:46: Ezra compares Rob to Princess Diana, presumably because Rob is the people’s princess. Levant goes on to say that Ford, who bowled over diminutive councillor Pam McConnell today, is being bullied.

8:47: Rob claims he was fired from his beloved high school football coaching gig because of “political reasons.” If by “political” he means that “My brother and I kept on saying how these kids would be in the gutter if it wasn’t because I’m such a saviour, and they can’t help themselves,” then that’s accurate.

8:53: Sun News plays the Jon Stewart clip of Rob Ford saying how much he likes to eat cats. He and Doug snicker along as they watch in the split screen.

8:55: Rob and Doug says that the people should decide in an election on October 27. Of course, today Doug Ford put forward a motion to call on the province to have a snap election. So, let’s just have an election whenever is convenient for the Fords.

8:56: Doug says “God bless Ford Nation,” and the show is over.

Funny how Rob Ford and his brother Doug managed to make a whole TV show about themselves and skip the fact that they are wife-beating, drug-using, drunk drivers that belong in prison and certainly don't belong in city hall.

Rob Ford declares war, but is up to Province to remove him if his antics continue.

Tuesday November 19th 2013

Things are not normal at Toronto City Council. The city council is being disrupted by an attention seeking Rob Ford who yesterday disrupted council by provoking an argument with people in the public gallery watching the proceedings.

Toronto's Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly said council didn't have words to describe the actions of Rob Ford during yesterday's council meeting, after a special vote saw the embattled mayor stripped of key powers.
Kelly, who has arguably become Toronto's most powerful politician overnight, said he hasn't spoken to Ford following the unprecedented vote that left Ford as little more than a figurehead at city hall.

Council overwhelming voted in favour of transferring about 60 per cent of Ford's office budget to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, as well as giving the deputy mayor the ability to designate key items for council debate - a power usually controlled by the mayor.

"I didn't talk with him yesterday. He was obviously in a combative mood. A wounded, cornered animal -- and they're not always the most rational," Kelly said on Tuesday.

Ahead of the vote, Ford declared war against his fellow councillors, likening the move to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. (*laughs*)

As a verbal altercation reportedly broke out between councillor Doug Ford and members of the public Monday, Ford broke into a run around the side of the chamber and crashed / body-slammed into elderly female councillor Pam McConnell, leaving her with a fat lip.

"Yesterday's performance, none of us had words to describe it, because we had never seen behaviour like that by the mayor or frankly by anyone else at council," Kelly said. "It left you breathless."

Asked if Ford's behaviour has recently changed, Kelly said: "He's multi-faceted and it's difficult to know which side of him he'll display at any given time. You always hope for the best, you talk to him as gently as you can."

Kelly said Rob Ford's declaration of war was an unexpected conclusion to the tumultuous debate. He said that despite the animosity that has spawned over the last few weeks, he was hoping council could move forward in a more "consensus-building" manner.

Kelly said much of the recent drama that's surrounded Ford could have been avoided if the mayor had taken some time off when police first announced that they had recovered the infamous crack video.

"There was a consensus on council at that time to take a pause, take leave, call it what you will -- family time. Just take the time to regroup, look after yourself physically and come back in two or three months ready to govern and campaign and none of this would have happened."

Kelly said he hopes to speak to Ford sometime today.

"I'm hoping this is the rhetoric that surrounds the wounds that he's feeling right now," Kelly said. "He tends to talk explosively and then settles down and acts in a more sensible way."

Kelly said while much of Ford's power has been taken away, the mayor continues play a role in city politics.

"The mayor still has ability to speak on behalf of the city to everybody else out there, he still has those powers," Kelly said. “But the powers or authority to direct business internally has been divorced from his office."

Kelly dismissed Ford's claims of council committing a coup d'etat, saying that Ford's fiscal agenda will continue to move forward – only in a more "considerate" and "co-operative" way.

Meanwhile, the mayor's brother, Doug Ford, maintains that the mayor is not out of control and will bounce back from the ongoing controversies.

Below in the video Rob Ford declares war against city council.

Doug Ford claims they still have blue collar support

He said Ford's support remains strong among Toronto's "blue collar" population, suggesting that the mayor has upset the city's "social elite" with his fiscally conservative agenda and suggesting that  uneducated members of the public still supports the crack-smoking wife-beating mayor.

"We can go to, maybe not the certain downtown wards, but we can go out in the suburbs and we can go door-knocking," Doug Ford says, when asked if support for the mayor has dropped following recent stunning admissions that he has smoked crack cocaine and purchased illegal drugs since becoming mayor.

Despite ongoing calls urging him to take some time off, Ford has said he won't leave the mayoral office and he plans to run in next year's election. He even has delusions that he will someday run for Prime Minister of Canada (as if there were enough dumb people in the federal Conservative Party willing to vote for him).

 An Ipsos Reid poll released last week showed that 62 per cent of respondents said there's no way they would vote for Ford "under any circumstance."

However, Doug Ford dismissed the results.

"The only poll that counts is the one on Election Day," he said.

However what the Ford brothers seem to forget is that "blue collar workers" often don't even vote. They forget to vote.

Following Monday's historic council meeting, the Ford brothers gave a rare sit-down interview to CBC News, where the mayor said he's had a "Jesus moment" and said he's "finished" with drugs and alcohol.
Ford said with his office staff reduced to eight people, he can't complete it mayoral duties – mainly, his ability to return "thousands" of phone calls.

"They just stripped me of everything I have, all because of personal problems," he said.

But addicts frequently return to their old habits and Rob Ford has shown no signs (beyond words) suggesting that his change is permanent. His heart is weak and he will return to drugs easily.

In the interview, Ford admitted to having purchased and smoked marijuana since being elected to Toronto's top office, and having smoking crack once. He also said he did cocaine more than once before he was elected mayor.

"I'm a human being," he said of his mistakes. "But nobody has helped more people in this city than Rob Ford." (*wipes tears from eyes from laughter*)

Ford says he’s getting help from health care professional to help him lose weight, but he maintains he is not an addict and does not need the assistance of substance abuse experts. But what about spousal abuse experts? What about all the times his wife has called the cops on him for attacking her physically?

The Ford brothers have said they're prepared to take legal action against the city and individual councillors as a result of Monday’s motion, which they have described as "illegal."

I cannot wait for his wife to finally leave him and have his charged with spousal abuse dating back years. Then we can see a new level to the Rob Ford scandal.

Or worse, what happens if he has a drunken rage. And KILLS his wife... Let us hope that news headline never happens.

Meanwhile the province has a choice. Now that city council is being disrupted by Rob Ford's antics inside council chambers, the province now has the option to remove Rob Ford (and Doug Ford) and make Norm Kelly the interim mayor until the next election.

Lets hope the province finally steps in and gives the city a hand in restoring order and civility.

Rob Ford knocking over elderly female city councillor

Rob Ford Video Jokes, Crack Jokes and More

In the video below is a selection of American comedians making fun of Rob Ford.

Rob Ford reacts to new temper tantrum video

Rob Ford reacts to the new temper tantrum video in which he describes killing Police Chief Bill Blair for releasing the information that the crack video exists, that the police have the video and that the police have been following Rob Ford for months as he buys crack, buys alcohol, solicits prostitutes and more.

Following the disclosure from Police Chief Bill Blair that the video exists and that the police have collected many more videos of Rob Ford engaging in illicit behaviour, Rob Ford had an angry temper tantrum which was captured on video. During the temper tantrum Rob Ford described how he would murder Police Chief Bill Blair and bury his body.

In the video below Rob Ford apologizes and reacts to the release of the temper tantrum video.

Rob Ford temper tantrum about wanting to kill someone

Shortly after the revelation that Rob Ford's crack video has indeed been found by the Toronto Police, a video was purchased by the Toronto Star in which Rob Ford describes wanting to kill someone.

Note: Rob Ford is NOT drunk in the video. He was not slurring his words or falling over. He was just really angry.

Update: It is believed Rob Ford was talking about Police Chief Bill Blair in the video, because it was shortly after Bill Blair revealed that the police have the Rob Ford crack video. In other words Toronto's mayor wants to kill the chief of police.

Rob Ford admits to smoking crack cocaine and to multiple drunken stupors


Rob Ford admits to smoking crack cocaine and to multiple drunken stupors - as if that is supposed to excuse his use of crack and cocaine since the late 1980s.

Toronto Police have Rob Ford's crack video

Toronto Police have Rob Ford's crack video. Watch video further below.

Plus Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair unveils that Rob Ford has also been caught doing numerous illegal activities involving drugs, alcohol, prostitutes and other activities.

Guilty plea in killing of man linked to Rob Ford scandal

Right: A court sketch shows Nisar Hashimi, who has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the shooting death of Anthony Smith.

The killer of a man seen in a widely publicized photo tied to the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford crack cocaine video scandal has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter for the slaying.

The plea deal comes just over 2½ months after admitted killer Nisar Hashimi turned himself in to police in connection with the shooting death of Anthony Smith outside a Toronto nightclub in March. It also means evidence surrounding the crack video controversy won't have to be presented in open court.

Please send tips on this story to john.lancaster@cbc.ca and nazim.baksh@cbc.ca.

Instead, Hashimi has agreed to a sentence of nine years in prison. In exchange, the Crown will not have to present disclosure to the defence, and the police evidence in his case — including wiretaps, surveillance, and any seized cellphones, laptops or videos — won’t be presented in open court.

Toronto criminal defence lawyer Edward Sapiano, who is not involved in the case, called the plea deal "unprecedented."

"In 20 years of practice I have never seen a guilty plea on a homicide without disclosure," said Sapiano. "And in less than three months! There is absolutely something going on here."

"The questions over Rob Ford's possible involvement [with alleged drug dealers] will remain unanswered as a result," he said.

Smith's killing, and Ford's possible ties to drug dealers in the Dixon Road area, became the subject of intense questioning of Toronto police Chief Bill Blair earlier this month. Blair was pressed on whether Ford had been implicated in drug use, or caught on video, as the police chief detailed the arrests tied to a police crackdown on the gang, the Dixon City Bloods.

"I cannot disclose to you any of the evidence that we have seized in this case. It'll come out in court," Blair told a throng of reporters. "We have gathered evidence pertaining to murders and to attempted murders, and that forms part of the prosecution we are bringing forward. But the evidence as it relates to those offences must come out in court and not at a press conference."

But the plea deal for Hashimi means none of the evidence in what was the most serious criminal charge from Project Traveller — first-degree murder — will ever be revealed in court.

The shooting of Smith might otherwise have passed with little notice by mainstream media had a now-infamous photo not surfaced, showing Smith alongside Ford. The photo was first published in the Toronto Star and on the U.S. website Gawker, in separate reports that drug dealers were trying to sell a video of Toronto's mayor smoking crack cocaine. The two outlets were provided with the photo as evidence Ford was hanging out with drug dealers.

CBC News has not seen the video and cannot verify its contents or existence.

'I cannot disclose to you any of the evidence that we have seized in this case. It’ll come out in court.'—Toronto police Chief Bill Blair

Smith has never been publicly identified by police as a drug dealer, but today in court the Crown revealed police believe Smith and his associates were members for the Dixon City Bloods and that Smith was taking instructions from the gang.

Smith's friends Muhammad Khattak and Monir Kassimm, who were also pictured in the photograph posing with Ford, were arrested earlier this month in a series of raids cracking down on the Dixon Bloods, who according to police were trafficking millions of dollars worth of guns, cocaine, hashish and crystal meth from the U.S., through Windsor to Toronto.

In an agreed statement of facts, Hashimi admitted that he and an associate were in a dispute with Smith and his gang, and that the shooting outside the nightclub erupted as part of an escalating war.

Crown prosecutor Mary Misener read out the statement, saying that it was Smith who, acting on a text message of coded instructions from a member of his gang, initiated a fight with Hashimi and his associates.

Hashimi admits to pulling out a handgun and firing multiple shots in short succession, and then fleeing by car. The prosecutor said the Crown accepts that Hashimi did not intend to kill Smith or injure one of his associates (Khattak), but that the killing happened in the heat of a fight with Hashimi’s “capacity” diminished by drugs and alcohol mixed with cough syrup.

The prosecutor told the court that Toronto police completed a competent investigation and that based on a review of the evidence, a manslaughter conviction "properly" addressed Hashimi's legal culpability.

"We are well aware of the tragic consequences of gun violence in public places in our community and of our duty to vigorously prosecute the perpetrators of these gravely dangerous crimes," Misener told the court.

"Mindful of duty, we have determined that acceptance of Mr. Hashimi's pleas to manslaughter in the death of Anthony Smith and aggravated assault in the injuring of Mohammaed Khattak properly and justly reflects the extent of Mr. Hashimi's legal culpability on the evidence in this case."

Hashimi's co-accused, Hanad Mohamed, was arrested in Fort McMurray, Alta., in May. He has been charged with the murder of Smith and the attempted murder of Khattak. Mohamed's case is still before the courts.
Media seek to unseal police evidence

Meanwhile, CBC News and other media organizations are bringing court applications in Toronto asking a judge to unseal various search warrants and police documents tied to the ongoing drug investigations, so that the public can know whether Toronto's mayor is in any way implicated in illegal activity.

Ford insists he does not use crack cocaine and has denied allegations he has been captured on video smoking a crack pipe — an alleged video which has yet to surface publicly.

Funny or Die leaks Rob Ford Crack Video

Honestly, people cannot get enough of making fun of Toronto's crackhead mayor Rob Ford.


Since then screen shots of Rob Ford smoking crack have been made public in April 2014. The screen shots are from a new video that was made on April 26th 2014.

Murdered man had possession of crack video

Murdered man had possession of crack video of Rob Ford.

Anthony Smith had the crack video of Rob Ford, but has now turned up dead. (Update November 2013: Tape now in possession of Toronto police.)

Sample of Rob Ford's hair tests positive for cocaine

There is a rumour circulating that a sample of Rob Ford's hair has tested positive for past cocaine use.
Just a rumour. Can't verify the source because it was tested anonymously.

It is probably just that, a rumour.

Although to be fair Rob Ford could settle this whole issue by simply volunteering to undergo a drug test - but since we all know by now that he really does smoke crack, he isn't going to volunteer to undergo a test he knows he will fail.

Thus it wouldn't surprise me if somehow someone got hold of a sample of Rob Ford's hair and tested it for past cocaine use - because using cocaine, even crack cocaine, causes a permanent change in someone's hair which can be detected even centuries after they died.

Two of Rob Ford's staff quit the same day as police homicide interview

Two of Rob Ford's staff resigned yesterday. A total of three of Rob Ford's closest staff have resigned in the last 5 days.

The same day, an unknown member of Rob Ford's staff was interviewed by the Toronto Police homicide squad about the Rob Ford Smoking Crack Video and a possible homicide.

Two separate sources have confirmed to the media that the interview took place.

The staffer felt compelled to share the tip with police, which came to him from someone else in the mayor’s office, with police because it could constitute evidence in a homicide investigation.

The staffer did not verify the credibility of the information.

Two homicide officers interviewed the staffer away from City Hall, according to a source with knowledge of the meeting.

Staff Inspector Greg McLane, head of Toronto Police's homicide squad, confirmed to the media that an interview had taken place, but said there isn't enough to lead to a homicide investigation. McLean said that homicide officers conducted the interview only because they have expertise that other officers don't.

The people who were attempting to sell the Rob Ford Smoking Crack Video have gone missing in the last week and many media pundits are beginning to speculate they may have been murdered.

The informant in the mayor’s office claims to know the address and unit number where one of the people who made the video was living.

The informant went on to say that the video originally belonged to an individual who may have been killed for its potentially valuable contents, according to sources.

Gawker has raised the $200,000 to buy the Rob Ford Smoking Crack Video, but nobody has stepped forward to claim the money so far. Possibly because they've been murdered and their bodies have been dumped.

The only image released from the video shows Rob Ford standing with a man believed to be Anthony Smith, a 21-year-old man gunned down in downtown Toronto on March 28th.

Muhammad Khattak, a 19-year-old living in north Etobicoke, was hit in the arm and back the same night Smith was killed two months ago outside a King Street nightclub. There is no indication he was involved in the shooting or the making of the video, but according to Muhammad Khattak's mother he and Anthony Smith were good friends.

There is no word on whether Muhammad Khattak has recently gone missing.

Two sources, one with the Toronto police and another involved in politics, say homicide detectives are now investigating whether that the video phone originally belonged to 21-year-old Smith and if the video was made the night of the shooting.

Toronto Star and Gawker reporters were first contacted about the video of Rob Ford Smoking Crack on April 1st - only 4 days after the death of Anthony Smith.

Crackstarter raises $201,254

The Rob Ford Crackstarter has raised $201,254 to buy the Rob Ford Crack Smoking Video.

However the two men who own the video, shown with blurred faces in the photo below, have since gone missing.

The police are currently investigating a possible connection to the video and the murder of Anthony Smith on March 28th.

The video of Rob Ford smoking crack was made the same night Anthony Smith was shot and murdered by an unknown shooter. The iPhone used to make the video of Rob Ford smoking crack was allegedly owned by Anthony Smith.

Yesterday an informant inside the Mayor's office was interviewed by two officers from Toronto Police's homicide squad about possible evidence linking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to the homicide investigation.

Rob Ford denies existence of video

Today Rob Ford denied the existence of the video showing him smoking crack cocaine.

As if sticking his head in the sand will make it any less factual.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford vehemently denied allegations that he can be seen on a cellphone video smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine.

"I do not use crack cocaine," Ford told a jam-packed news conference at Toronto City Hall. "Nor am I an addict of crack cocaine."

The crackhead mayor said it was "business as usual at city hall" and gave no indication that he has any intention of leaving the job.

Which is true, even if the video turns out to be him smoking crack cocaine, they really have no power to push him out of office even if we could prove if its actually crack he is smoking in the video.

Rob Ford has been avoiding questions and talking about the crack video for over a week now, denying its very existence while simultaneously denying that it was crack he was smoking in the video.

That is a bit like claiming

"I didn't steal anything from the cookie jar." and also saying "I did eat some cookies, but you can't tell whether they were from THAT cookie jar."

Ford also said he could not comment on a video "that I have never seen or does not exist."

Umm... saying that counts as a comment. And the way he said it, with the or implies that it probably does exist, and that he is simply refusing to talk in detail about the events in the video because he a) hasn't seen it and b) doesn't remember everything that he did during the making of the video.

Ford refused to answer questions at the end of his short statement and left the room.


At the start of the press conference Rob Ford seemed to be smiling a lot at the beginning. Nervous habit maybe? Or did he come up with $200,000 to buy the video and has already paid for it?

In a note posted on the Gawker website, Gawker editor John Cook said his confidence in completing a deal to buy the video has "diminished" because the dealer who has the video has been incommunicado in recent days. So either the dealer is waiting for the $$$ being raised to reach $200,000 or is it possible they have already sold the video to Rob Ford??? In which case, did they keep a copy of the video and are planning to sell the backup copy to Gawker?

Because lets face it, if you could make $400,000 instead by selling the original copy to Rob Ford (who destroys it) and selling a backup copy to Gawker, why wouldn't you take the $400,000 instead? Especially since it minimizes your losses and doubles your profits.


Rob Ford has been fired as head coach of the Don Bosco Eagles senior football team.

 Yesterday / Thursday, Mark Towhey, Rob Ford’s chief of staff, was fired after he urged the mayor to "get help". Presumably with his crack addiction, otherwise why else was he fired?

Welcome to Toronto Sign

Jon Stewart rips Rob Ford a new one on the Daily Show

Not only has Jon Stewart ripped Rob Ford a new hole to smoke crack out of, but apparently Canadians are blow*** bestowing crack monkeys. Watch the video for a hilarious take on Canada's tarnished reputation.

Jimmy Kimmel uses Rob Ford as a comedy punching bag

Jimmy Kimmel uses Rob Ford as a comedy punching bag.

Rob Ford Crackstarter up to $97,000 already

As of Tuesday the 21st at 7 PM Rob Ford's Crackstarter has already reached $97,000.

There is only 6 days and 5 hours remaining to reach $200,000 to buy the video of Rob Ford smoking crack.

According to my calculations the average person so far is chipping in $24.76 (roughly $25). The exact amount will likely vary going forward, but its nice to know so many people are willing to chip in $25 to see the video.

Have you chipped in your $25 yet???

Use the link below!

Rob Ford Crack Cartoons

Some of the cartoons below are older and date from BEFORE Rob Ford was elected. (Or before he got caught smoking crack on video.)

Contribute to Buying Rob Ford's Crack Cocaine Video

Help pitch in some cash to buy Rob Ford's Crack Cocaine Video by visiting the following website:


Rob Ford doesn't deny smoking crack cocaine

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been caught on video smoking crack cocaine and is not denying that the events in the video happened.

Instead he is calling them "ridiculous", but his actions ridiculous or not, he is not disputing the existence of the video showing him smoking crack cocaine and the comments he made during the video.

His comments during the video include:

#1. Calling Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau "a fag".

#2.When asked about a football team and he mumbles “they are just f---ing minorities.”

#3. Complains about the Don Bosco high school football team.

“I’m f---ing right-wing,” Ford appears to mutter at one point. “Everyone expects me to be right-wing. I’m just supposed to be this great.…” and his voice trails off.

During the video Rob Ford is sitting down, his shirt open, smoking from a crack pipe.

The video ends with the ringing of a cellphone (it is not clear if it is the cellphone that is being used to video the scene). The ring tone, which is a song, startles the mayor, whose slitted eyes open a bit, and he is heard to say, “That phone better not be on.”

The makers of the video, a group of Somali drug dealers who sold Rob Ford the crack cocaine, are attempting to sell ownership of the video to the highest bidder and are looking for at least 6 figures.

One of the owners of the video was killed in a shooting in downtown Toronto two weeks ago. He is shown in the photo up above, on the left, with his arm on Mayor Rob Ford's shoulder.

Rob Ford blames cyclists, saying its their own fault

We all know Rob Ford hates cyclists.

It is mostly because he sucks at driving.

But what you might not know is how much Rob Ford absolutely hates cyclists.

Back in 2007, he said that if a bicyclist is killed by a car, it was the bicyclist's own fault for riding a bicycle.

He seems to have missed the point that bike lanes are there to give both cars and cyclists more safety and security, and that bicycles have been on the roads longer than cars and are legally considered to be "vehicles".

Rob Ford calls colleague "a waste of skin"

July 23, 2005

During a council debate over a pothole, Rob Ford had a temper tantrum during which he called fellow Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby "a joke. She's a waste of time. A waste of skin."

I like her.

We should make her Mayor of Toronto.

Rob Ford calls colleague a slithering snake

In February of 2003, Ford went on a tirade at a city council meeting, calling a colleague a "slithering snake" who belongs in the zoo.

The city council meeting quickly devolved into absolute chaos, by Canadian standards.

Why don't we have a public lynching?

Rob Ford's compassion for the homeless.

In 2002, Ford suggested that instead of having a "public meeting" about locating a homeless shelter in his district, "Why don't we have a public lynching?"

Rob Ford Vs "Orientals"

Back in March of 2008, he repeatedly referred to the tireless work ethic of "Orientals":
"Those Oriental people work like dogs ... they sleep beside their machines,'' he said. "The Oriental people, they're slowly taking over ... they're hard, hard workers."

Ford later refused to apologize for his racially biased comments.

Seriously, what kind of moron first makes comments like that - and then sticks to it, refusing to apologize?

That same month in 2008, Ford was charged with assaulting his wife during a temper tantrum and making threats against her, but the charges were later dropped.

Rob Ford kicked out of Bier Markt for being too drunk

Yesterday, St. Patrick's Day, Rob Ford was escorted out of the bar Bier Markt after "storming the dance floor" and exhibiting generally drunken and "incoherrent" behavior.

Seriously, how drunk do you have to be on St. Patrick's Day to get kicked out of a bar???

Rob Ford simply cannot handle his liquor.

Rob Ford gropes Sarah Thomson's buttcheeks during photo op

Former mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson says she wants an apology from Mayor Rob Ford for touching her inappropriately and making a suggestive remark to her at a party on Thursday night.

“He told me he was in Florida and I should have been with him because his wife wasn’t there,” Thomson told the Star on Friday. “I didn’t expect that. Rob doesn’t normally act that way towards women, so I was a little bit shocked and then we posed to get our picture taken and he grabbed my ass during the pose.”

Thomson first expressed the allegations in a post on her Facebook page after the party, which was held by the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee at the Arcadian Court on Bay St.

“I kind of went, ‘This is unbelievable.’ I was shocked and walked away and told few people and they kind of went up to his handlers and said, ‘lets get him out of here, there’s something off with him,’” Thomson said.

He was probably high on cocaine again.

“At first I thought, oh, he’s just treating me like one of the guys, you know, you should have come down and have some beers. The wife comment kind of threw me. And then when he grabbed my ass I realized, hold it, no no, he’s going the other way with this. So, to me it was wrong and you got to say something,” Thomson said.

Thomson said she told a number of guests at the event in an attempt to get the mayor removed since he was acting strange, possibly drunk or high on cocaine (which he is known to use). She left the party at 11 p.m. and later posted the incident to her Facebook page.

“When I got home and I was still mad,” Thomson said. “I told my husband and he was just furious. So I went home and posted it on Facebook just to get it out there because I realize no, I’m not going to sue him, I’m not that type of person. . . but I think that this being International Women’s Day, I have to stand up and say something.”

Thomson made the Facebook post after midnight. She wrote: “Thought it was a friendly hello to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at the CJPAC Action Party tonight until he suggested I should have been in Florida with him last week because his wife wasn't there,” Thomson posted on her Facebook page. “Seriously wanted to punch him in the face. Happy International Women's Day!”

In a comment on a photo of herself with Ford, she said, “Guess where his hand was in this picture? I must go shower.”

She later added: “Is grabbing someone['s] ass assault?”

Lobbyists in Toronto’s city hall under Rob Ford

Since Mayor Rob Ford took office and declared the city “open for business” lobbying activity at city hall has exploded.

Three times more lobbyists signed up with the city in 2012 as in 2010. The number of subjects they’re pushing has doubled. Allegations of misconduct have tripled. And the daily communications logged between lobbyists and public office holders appears to be 10 times higher last year than the year before Ford took office.

And with the numbers on the rise, lobbyist registrar Linda Gehrke worries there is dwindling awareness around the “ethical” guidelines set out in the code of conduct.

But for many councilors, the most worrisome result of the new reality is that average citizens and community associations — people without the means to hire Bay Street professionals to plead their case — are being shut out.

“Unless you can hire a lobbyist, you can’t get a vote through the mayor’s office,” said left-wing councilor Adam Vaughan, a staunch opponent of the mayor’s.

It used to just be “the big money items. Now it’s every item. Two lobbyists were just working the floor of council on whether to widen a sidewalk,” he said referring to the recent debate over valet parking at Pusateri’s.

This year, even the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association felt they couldn’t go it alone during budget negotiations.

For the second year in a row, Toronto Fire was being targeted for cuts. The service stood to permanently lose 101 currently vacant jobs, five trucks and a station, at a time when the union was begging for more resources to deal with a booming population.

President Ed Kennedy tried to plead his case to the decision makers, but he couldn’t get meetings with a sizable chunk of councilors, particularly on the right and those recently elected.

“And we didn’t seem to have the ear of the mayor’s office like we wish we would have. Like we had before,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy then called Sussex Strategy Group, the most prominent, powerful and sought-after lobbyist firm working city hall. The mayor backed down on the cuts.

Rob Ford’s opponents, such as Vaughan, like to accuse the mayor’s office of having closer ties with lobbyists than any of his predecessors.

Toronto only began tracking lobbyist activity in February 2008, but the data does suggest the mayor has a more open attitude towards the practice than the previous mayor, David Miller. Miller was strongly opposed to bribes and pandering, but Rob Ford openly embraces backscratching and backroom deals.

According to records obtained through the city’s Open Data website, the mayor’s deputy chief of staff Earl Provost and Ford rank fourth and fifth on the list of most-lobbied public office holders in Toronto. In 2010, no one on Mayor David Miller staff appeared in the top 20.

“Mayor Ford believes in customer service excellence and no other mayor has ever been as open and available to everyday taxpayers, residents and business leaders. This data simply confirms this,” Ford’s spokesperson said in a statement.

When the online registry went live in 2008, 237 lobbyists signed up. The number fell to 98 in next year and stayed about the same for 2010, with 103 new registrations. In 2011 — the new council was sworn in in December 2010 — new lobbyist registrations jumped to 207. By 2012, a total of 343 new lobbyists registered. Just two and a half months into 2013, already 169 new registrations have been logged.

The statistics around actual lobbying are even more staggering

One note of caution: the following figures can only be used to assess a general trend, because 29% of the time, the year of the meeting was not recorded. Even taking this into account, the increase in communications — such as a meeting, email or telephone call — appears to have skyrocketed since the Ford took office. In 2010, the database showed lobbyists recording 587 communications. By 2012, that number hit 5545.

Allegations of misconduct are also on the rise.

In 2010, the registrar launched 10 investigations. In 2011, that number spiked to 46. In 2012, Registrar Linda Gehrke looked into 30 cases. The majority of instances relate to unregistered lobbying, lobbying around procurements and to a lesser extent, ethical issues.

“And I think we are getting to the point where people know generally about registration, but there may not be as much awareness of the requirements of the code of conduct,” she said.

Gehrke has launched an investigation into the events of Oct. 16, when Councillor Ana Bailao was charged with impaired driving. Before her arrest Bailao was drinking at a posh downtown lounge with a small group, which included Sussex lobbyist Jamie Besner, Ford’s former chief of staff Nick Kouvalis — who does market research for Sussex — and Councillor Mark Grimes.

The optics weren’t good. Sussex is working for MGM casinos. Bailao is considered an important swing vote. And Grimes chairs the board for Exhibition Place, the preferred casino site.

Gehrke is not permitted to speak about her investigations or even confirm if they are occurring. Both Bailao and Besner say no city business was discussed, but some councilors say it’s the type of socializing that got the city in trouble more than a decade ago.

Shortly after amalgamation, the city signed a $43-million contract with MFP Financial Services for computer equipment. An inquiry was called after the contract nearly doubled without authorization from council.

Evidence emerged that city officials had been lavishly wined and dined by an MFP salesman; Madam Justice Denise Bellamy’s final report suggested that “inappropriately close relationships” between public officers and lobbyists were partly to blame. Establishing a lobbyist registry was a key recommendation of her report.

For Councillor Janet Davis, who on Thursday returned to her desk to find a gift bag from The Capital Hill Group on her desk, the status quo is not an option.

The bag contained a large sugar cookie with icing, and a card celebrating her “contribution to politics” on International Women’s Day. “It is completely unacceptable,” she said. “I know it’s not worth very much. It’s a cookie. But it’s still an attempt to influence councilors.”

Davis has lodged a complaint with Gehrke’s office.

Rob Ford drunk, told to leave military gala

Earlier this month, Ford was asked to leave a gala for members of the military after he was witnessed "speaking in a rambling, incoherent manner that alarmed some of the guests."

According to guests he was "red faced and drunk".

Guests at the event included Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay, Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Tom Lawson, and Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, the commander of the Royal Canadian Navy. 

The Toronto Star reported that it's "an open secret at city hall that the mayor has battled alcohol abuse."

Don't forget his past DUI and history of drug addiction. Or that time his crack dealer got arrested.

The request to leave the Toronto Garrison Ball came two weeks before Sarah Thomson, a Toronto businesswoman and former mayoral candidate, created a media storm when she accused Ford of groping her butt and appearing to be either intoxicated or high on drugs.

Rob Ford wins appeal in court, clings to power

Rob Ford has won his court appeal, which means he will remain mayor of Toronto.

The appeal to Divisional Court stems from a November decision, in which Justice Charles Hackland found that the mayor had contravened the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act when he spoke at a council meeting in February 2012 and then voted on an item that had to do with the use of city resources to solicit donations to his private football charity.

The penalty for Ford’s actions, Hackland ruled, was that the mayor would be removed from office, as the law dictates. Ford appealed that decision and was also granted a stay, which allowed him to remain in office until after the appeal.

In the decision released Friday morning, a panel of three judges write that Hackland was wrong: “we conclude that the application judge erred in finding that Mr. Ford contravened the MCIA [Municipal Conflict of Interest Act],” says the judgement... although they don't really explain how Hackland was wrong - and many people think the appeal judges were simply bullied / bribed into allowing the mayor to stay in power.

Now that Ford has won his appeal, he will continue governing at city hall until the next regularly scheduled municipal election, which is in less than two years time, on Oct. 27, 2014.

Rob Ford calls Maple Leafs fans "communists"

Back in 2006, Ford, then a city councilor, was thrown out of a Maple Leafs hockey game for getting into drunken, expletive-laden arguments with fans (and also calling them "communists").

Asked about the incident by a reporter, Ford claimed he "wasn't even at the game."

A few weeks later, he admitted that he was, in fact, at the game. "I had one too many beers and I sincerely apologize," he said.

More likely he was high on weed or crack.

Later in 2006, Ford protested against the city spending $1.5 million to combat AIDS because, “If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn’t get AIDS probably, that’s bottom line."

When it was pointed out to him that a growing number of women were being infected with AIDS, Ford replied, "Maybe they are sleeping with bi-sexual men."


How dumb do you have to be to NOT know that AIDS has been jumping ship for over 30 years now and NOT know that you can get AIDS from a variety of ways, and that it is not limited to gay men?

Freaking moron.

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