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Doug Ford wants to poison your food with radioactive waste

Doug Ford.

The name brings fear to the minds of many people in Ontario.

Doug Ford is the Premier of Ontario, and he is a jerk. A real nasty jerk. He wants to dump nuclear waste in Bruce County, close to the town of Teeswater. The Teeswater River (and the underground aquifer beneath the region) supplies the drinking water to:

  • Tens of thousands of people.
  • Dairy cows.
  • Water for agricultural farming (corn, potatoes, soy beans and more).
  • Water for Aquafina bottled water.
  • Cattle, pigs, turkeys and chickens. Bruce County is the Beef Capital of North America, but it also produces a lot of other meat products.

If you live Ontario you've eaten food many times from Bruce County. Guaranteed. You've drank the milk. You've eaten the cheese. You've eaten beef, pork, turkey and chicken. You've eaten the corn, the potatoes, the soy products. You've drank Aquafina water.

Even if you are a vegan and don't eat milk and dairy, you should still care where your soy products and other vegetables are grown and where your bottled water comes from.

And that is why you should care.

If you care about what you eat, then you should protect what you eat. Learn more at:


If you care write to Doug Ford. Tweet him. Phone him and leave an angry voicemail.

Share this post. Copy/paste it to other websites. Share it on Facebook. Share it on Twitter. Share the memes below.

Show that you care about your food and where it comes from.

Protect your food and your health from Doug Ford.

How to prevent Doug Ford from winning a Majority Government

Doug Ford, the "Donald Trump" of candidates in Ontario, is running to become Premier of Ontario. Having left politics in Toronto behind, this former kidnapping extortionist drug dealer who enabled his brother Doug Ford to become a crack cocaine addict claims to be a "man of the people". He owns multiple homes in Ontario and the USA, a business worth 10s of millions he inherited from his father, and receives all sorts of bribes from his corporate buddies.

Sure, he is a great idea for Premier of Ontario.

Doug Ford once privatized and replaced a garbage collection company to get rid of all the union staff members. Can you imagine what he will do with Ontario Hydro? Privatize it of course. He wants to fire everyone, and sell the asset off - which will lead to the people of Ontario having to deal with unregulated electricity prices that will no doubt skyrocket.

So how do we prevent this?

Well first you need to understand that Ontario has only 3 major political parties.

The right wing "Progressive Conservatives" or PCs.

The moderate-leftist "Liberals"

And the Uber-leftist "New Democratic Party" aka NDP.

So what happens regularly is that the two main parties, the PCs and Liberals trade places forming a government and managing the province of Ontario. The NDP has only once ever formed a government, but they often have a deciding influence on who wins.

In many elections in Ontario the "winner" often wins by a small percentage of the total vote, thus how well or poorly the NDP does often decides which of the other two parties becomes the victor.

Strategic Voting - Voting for the best candidate in the local riding to prevent a specific party from winning that party. So if historical data shows specific ridings are strongholds for 2 parties, like the NDP and PCs, then the Liberals in this scenario should actually encourage people to vote NDP in that specific riding. And preferably not even run a candidate in that riding. And the reverse, a riding where Liberals and PCs historically do well in, the NDP should not run a candidate in that riding.

Effectively both parties would be running a joint candidate representing both parties.

So here are some examples going back the last 33 years as to why this would make a difference.

In 1985...

Conservatives won 52 seats with 37.0% of the votes.
Liberals won 48 seats with 37.9% of the votes.
NDP won 25 seats with 23.8% of the votes.

Analysis - The 1985 election is an important year in Ontario politics because it led to a Conservative minority government. If the Liberals and NDP had cooperated that year they could have formed a Liberal minority government with the NDP propping up the Liberals, a situation the NDP would have enjoyed. Instead they propped up the PC government, a situation which led to a shortlived government that only lasted 2 years. It would have taken the Liberals and NDP to run joint candidates in only 5 Conservative ridings where one or the other party needed the boost to get them over the threshold and prevent the Conservatives from forming a minority government. It is also important to note that the Liberals won the popular vote in 1985, but thanks to vote splitting the Conservatives managed to win more seats.

In 1987...

Liberals won 95 seats with 47.3% of the votes.
Conservatives won 19 seats with 25.7% of the votes.
NDP won 16 seats with 24.7% of the votes.

Analysis - Ontario voters were unhappy with the PC minority government and voted in a strong Liberal majority 2 years later. The Conservatives had lost som much of their popularity they were nearly tied with the NDP, while the NDP had grown in popularity. Cooperation between the Liberals and NDP would not have been a necessity that year.

In 1990...

NDP won 74 seats with 37.6% of the votes.
Liberals won 36 seats with 32.4% of the votes.
Conservatives won 20 seats with 23.5% of the votes.

Analysis - That brief love affair between Ontario and NDP propping up the PCs in 1985 came back to haunt us and they went all in, handing Bob Rae's NDP a strong majority which lasted for 5 years. The PCs were still hugely unpopular and the Liberals, only 5.2% behind the NDP, also suffered under the Orange Fever that swept Ontario that year. The NDP had never formed a government in Ontario before, and it later led to disaster, "Rae Days" from striking teachers, and a general hatred of the NDP.

In 1995...

Conservatives won 82 seats with 44.8% of the votes.
Liberals won 30 seats with 31.1% of the votes.
NDP won 17 seats with 20.6% of the votes.

Analysis - Okay so this is a year where cooperation definitely would have benefited the NDP and Liberals. The Conservatives won a strong majority with the Liberals lagging in popularity, and the NDP doing surprisingly well under leader Bob Rae despite his huge loss in popularity. Would the PCs still have won if they had cooperated? Yes. But they might have only won a minority if the NDP/Liberals played their cards right.

In 1999...

Conservatives won 59 seats with 45.1% of the votes.
Liberals won 35 seats with 39.9% of the votes.
NDP won 9 seats with 12.6% of the votes.

Analysis - The NDP did poorly that year. Bob Rae had since resigned, and the NDP tried running a leader who looks and acts somewhat insane. However there was only a 5.2% vote difference between the PCs and the Liberals, enough that strategic voting on behalf of Liberals and NDP voters could have made a difference and given both the Liberals and NDP more seats - and possibly enough to close the gap, causing either a PC minority government or a Liberal minority government. During the 1995 to 2003 time period the Conservative Party privatized the resale of electricity, causing electricity rates in Ontario to skyrocket over the next 2 decades. They also caused massive teacher strikes which made "Rae Days" look like minor holidays.

In 2003...

Liberals won 72 seats with 46.4% of the votes.
Conservatives won 24 seats with 34.6% of the votes.
NDP won 7 seats with 14.7% of the votes.

Analysis - The Liberals won a huge majority. Mostly because the NDP candidate looked insane, but also because the Conservatives had just been in power for many years, they had become very unpopular and it was time for a change. The Liberals won by 11.8% and triple the seats of the PCs. Cooperation that year would not have been necessary to keep the Conservatives out of power, but doing so could still have benefited both parties.

In 2007...

Liberals won 71 seats with 42.25% of the votes.
Conservatives won 26 seats with 31.62% of the votes.
NDP won 10 seats with 16.76% of the votes.

Analysis - The Liberals won by 10.63% of the votes and almost got triple the seats of the PCs. Cooperation that year would not have been necessary to keep the Conservatives out of power, but doing so could still have benefited both parties.

In 2011...

Liberals won 53 seats with 37.65% of the votes.
Conservatives won 37 seats with 35.45% of the votes.
NDP won 17 seats with 22.74% of the votes.

Analysis - Now you might think, okay, that looks pretty good, but there was only a margin of 16 seats and 2.2% of the votes between the Liberals and the Conservatives. Cooperation that year would have been beneficial to safeguard keeping the Conservatives out of power, and doing so could still have benefited both parties. Since the Liberals only got a minority government the NDP ended up propping up the Liberals, a love affair that ended 3 years later.

In 2014...

Liberals won 58 seats with 38.65% of the votes.
Conservatives won 28 seats with 31.25% of the votes.
NDP won 21 seats with 23.75% of the votes.

Analysis - The Liberals won a nice majority with 30 seats to spare, but the vote percentages were much closer - only 7.4% apart - and could have led to a very different result had it been a tighter race. Clearly cooperation would not been a necessity, but it still could have been beneficial to both parties.

So what is the strategy?

Ideally, the Liberals and NDP should each not run any candidates in 10 ridings where the other party's candidate is more likely to beat the Conservative stronghold, for a total of 20 ridings where they could effectively block the Conservative candidate from winning.

If this strategy managed to work for just half of the ridings in past elections, that would have caused the following changes in election results:

In 1985 the Liberals would have formed a minority government instead of the Conservatives doing so, with the NDP propping up the Liberals.

In 1987 the Liberals would still win a majority, but the NDP would have been the official opposition instead of the PCs.

In 1990 the NDP would still win a majority, the Liberals would still be the official opposition, but the PCs would only have 10 seats total.

In 1995 the PCs would still win a majority, but it would be weaker by 10 seats.

In 1999 the PCs would have been denied a majority government, and the Liberals would have formed a minority government propped up by the NDP. This would be favourable to the NDP.

In 2003 the Liberals would still win a majority, but the NDP would almost double their number of seats since they did so poorly that year.

In 2007 the Liberals would still win a majority, but the NDP would increase their number of seats by 50%.

In 2011 the Liberals would win a majority instead of a minority, and the NDP would see their number of seats go up by 29%.

In 2014 the Liberals would still win a majority, but the NDP would surpass the Conservative seat total and become the official opposition.

All that is required here for these results is for the NDP and Liberals to cooperate on 20 PC stronghold ridings where Conservatives were most likely to win anyway, and for each party to win half of the ridings where their strategy was in place.

The results out of 9 elections?

2 less PC Minority or Majority governments.
2 more Liberal Minorities.
1 more Liberal Majority.
2 more NDP propping up a Liberal Minority.
2 more NDP being the Official Opposition.

9 times when the PCs would have been weaker as a political party.

So statistically...

The Liberals would form 22.2% more minority governments.
The Liberals would win a majority government 11.1% more often.
The NDP would prop up a Liberal minority 22.2% more often.
The NDP would be the official opposition 22.2% more often.

And lets not forget...

The PCs would be weaker every single election, even if they still manage to win a few.
The number of times the PCs manage to form a government actually drops 66.6% from 3 out of 9 times to only 1 time out of 9.

And that last aspect, a 66.6% drop in Conservative governments... wow! That is huge.

That is a win for both the Liberals and NDP, and it is a huge win for the people of Ontario resulting in a stronger economy and more benefits for the common people of Ontario (and less tax cuts for the rich and corporations who frankly are not paying their fair share).

So what do the polls currently suggest?

Keep in mind that anything over 38% typically means a party will win a majority, so at present it looks like Doug Ford will be the next Premier of Ontario.

So strategic cooperation (or strategic voting in specific ridings) would actually be very beneficial to the Liberals and NDP in order to keep the PCs out of power and most likely form a Liberal minority propped up the NDP - which ultimately gives the NDP the power to say yes or no to every bill the Liberals propose. It forces the two parties to cooperate.

Such cooperation would be hugely beneficial to both parties.

The Liberals win more elections. The NDP end up playing kingmaker and casting the deciding vote on new bills, forcing the hands of the Liberals. It would be hugely beneficial for both.

But if voters don't want to cooperate with each other, or the parties refuse to cooperate, I guess we are doomed to have Doug Ford as premier and a Conservative majority government.

PS. Doug Ford wants to privatize Ontario Hydro, an act that will surely raise electricity prices.

The Rob Ford Smoking Crack Video

The video below was finally released in August 2016.

The video shows then Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack and complaining about minorities and Justin Trudeau. While this is not the first time Rob Ford make disparaging and often racist remarks about minorities and Liberal politicians, this is the infamous "Rob Ford Crack Video" that made such a big fuss.

And really you kind of have to ask, why the big fuss? Why did Rob Ford try to deny the existence of the video and keep his crack addiction secret? It was clearly going to come out eventually. It was really just a matter of time.

If the video had come out, if Rob Ford had just admitted he was addicted to crack cocaine, if he had just entered rehab and later returned to work he would have been able to transition more smoothly and with less stress to being disgraced or possibly semi-disgraced politician.

But instead he fought it. He denied the existence of the video. It turned into a huge media fuss that became international news.

This isn't even the only video of Rob Ford smoking crack. There is actually a 2nd video.

See "New Rob Ford Crack Video Surfaces".

So with multiple crack videos out there (and possibly more we are unaware of) it was really just a matter of time before they reached the media.

Proof that politicians should never be chosen for their rank popularity and should be chosen for the moral fiber.

And fast forward to 2018.

Rob Ford is dead.

He died March 22nd 2016. The above video was released months after he was already dead.

Doug Ford, his older brother, is now running for Premier of Ontario, and judging by the polls Doug Ford is going to win a majority government because the Liberals and NDP are refusing to work together in key ridings.

It would be very simple for the NDP and Liberals to cooperate by not running candidates in ridings where the Conservatives are more likely to win due to vote splitting, and they could do this in a manner which prevents the Conservatives from forming a majority government.

How you might ask?

Stay tuned for a future post where I will explain how Strategic Voting works and how the Liberals and NDP could cooperate to prevent the Conservatives from winning majority governments by running joint NDP-Liberal candidates in Conservative strongholds.

Is Toronto's new mayor also incompetent?

John Tory, the new mayor of Toronto, assumed office on December 1st 2015.

Before becoming mayor he ran before in 2003 and came in 2nd place. During the 2003 election John Tory attempted to bribe John Nunziata to pull out of the race, and the resulting scandal handed the mayoral office to David Miller instead, who became mayor of Toronto from 2003 to 2010.

After that scandal, John Tory left Toronto politics and instead became leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. However in 2007 John Tory made a big whoops when he proposed extending public funding to religious schools that teach isolationist creationism, Christian studies, Islamic studies, Jewish studies, Mormon studies and a host of other religious schools. John Tory made clear during the election that he believes the world is only about 6000 years old and that he supports creationism, the idea that the sun revolves around the earth, and that god created the heavens, earth, animals and mankind in six days.

So yeah, that didn't go so well. Right-Wing Christians didn't like the idea that the funding would also go to Islamic, Jewish and Mormon schools. Secular people didn't like the idea of public money being spent on religion. Muslims, Jews and Mormons welcomed the idea, for the most part, but the resulting media controversy ended up hurting John Tory's campaign and he lost to the Ontario Liberal Party.

John Tory then left provincial politics and focused on his radio show before eventually returning to Toronto to seek the mayoral office one more time.

But here is the thing.

John Tory is a religious nut / carpetbagger, and he is incompetent.

Carpetbagger, in case you are wondering, is a term dating back to the American Civil War and refers to unscrupulous opportunists who tried to make money after the war was over during the rebuilding process.

That is what John Tory is. In the wake of Rob Ford's horrific tenure as mayor, John Tory saw an opportunity to make money (and feed his ego), by swooping in and becoming mayor.

So far much of Toronto has been grateful to John Tory for rescuing us from the horrors of Rob Ford, but at what price? A religious whackjob who can barely do math, doesn't know that Toronto sometimes has blizzards in April (and apparently doesn't know when to send snow plows out), and is basically just here to make himself and his cronies money.

Below is a photo of the blizzard from April 3rd 2016. Driving winds and an abundance of snow resulted in cars sliding into ditches and car accidents all over the GTA, but where were the snow plows? I didn't witness a single snow plow until after 11 PM, which means there was hours worth of traffic accidents because John Tory was refusing to take the blizzard seriously. It is unclear how many people died on Sunday because there were no snow plows on the roads.

Meanwhile on the money and corruption front...

During his Rob Ford proposed a TTC spending frenzy that would have included a deal to give Rob Ford's relatives billions of dollars to build new subways, but would have gone over-budget and would have seen the Ford family line their pockets with tens of millions. It would have resulted in skyrocketing TTC fares - which we saw skyrocket during Rob Ford's mayoral tenure.

John Tory's plan is to focus on improving service in Scarborough, more subways in Scarborough and reducing wait times in Scarborough. Why? Because he wants the votes of people in Scarborough.

Which sounds great for Scarborough, but what about the rest of Toronto?

And how much will it cost?

$3.5 billion. Probably more because these projects always skyrocket.

Unclear where the money is coming from. Raising taxes in Scarborough or all of Toronto?

And who gets the money to build it? Some friend or family member of John Tory, just like Rob Ford had planned to do?

We need to be keeping track of where this money is going and whose pockets are getting lined.

Rob Ford Died, March 22nd 2016

Rob Ford died yesterday, March 22nd 2016.

He had returned to taking chemotherapy treatment - an extremely painful treatment which often kills the patient instead of curing them.

However unlike many other publications which have sugarcoated their descriptions of Rob Ford's life, we are going to be honest about him.

Rob Ford was a wife beater.

His wife Renata called police on numerous occasions to complain about domestic abuse. One time she even alleged that Rob Ford was taking the kids and leaving the country with them, effectively kidnapping them. However after every domestic abuse incident she would always refuse to press charges against Rob Ford. She flip flopped, as many domestic abuse victims often do, and Rob Ford would eventually abuse her again later.

Our sympathies go to Renata. She is finally free of the man who had been abusing her for many years.

Rob Ford was an addict.

He was a crack cocaine addict, smoked both crack and marijuana, was fond of having "drunken stupors", and a party animal. His crack cocaine addiction, which he eventually admitted to publicly, was a major scandal and was a large factor in his downfall as mayor and his career suicide.

While his addiction did not hurt anyone (that we know of), it did effect his personality. The people of Toronto weren't really surprised when it was revealed Rob Ford was on crack, because his erratic behaviour indicated that he was definitely not normal.

His brother, Doug Ford, was an enabler. Doug Ford was a drug dealer during the 1980s and never got convicted of any major crimes thanks to their rich father bribing the right people. Even an incident of kidnapping and forcible confinement never reached the court system thanks to money greasing the right hands, and the Ford family managed to maintain their appearance of being law abiding even if they were secretly a family of malcontents. As such Rob Ford's younger days was a stepping stone towards his drug addiction and his supportive brother, rarely concerned about his brother's heath and instead supportive of his party animal lifestyle, was simply another nail in the coffin.

Years of heavy drinking, over eating, and drug addiction eventually paid a toll and he developed cancer, as many people do who battle alcoholism and drug addiction. His alcoholism and frequent drug use was a factor in his anger issues, and therefore a symptom of such behaviour was that he would abuse his wife, which was often.

Rob Ford was not a good human being.

He was a bigoted hateful asshole. A fear-mongering, racist, sexist, homophobe, pathological liar, delusional megalomaniac. To call him "scum" would have been putting it lightly. He has been compared to all manner of historical despots, although our favourite is Prince John (of Robin Hood fame). He was a leader undeserving of the title. He was utterly corrupt, unapologetic and ruthless when it came to anything he despised - and it didn't take much for him to hate people.

Like all despotic party animals his lifestyle was eventually his downfall. It ruined his career and his health, eventually leading to his death.

Rob Ford's legend will live on in infamy. He is widely regarded as the Worst Mayor in Toronto History.

Anyone reading this should take this as a lesson of what not to do. Live your life free of drug addiction, free of alcoholism, free of spousal abuse, and try to be a nicer person to your fellow human beings. Rob Ford knew very little about the simply joys that come from being a nicer person and being free of the demons that plague your dark side. Rob Ford had many demons and he should be pitied for having so many, but he should not be remembered with fondness because he was a horrible human being. Even those who knew him best, like his wife, will be happy to be rid of him.

Many people hate Rob Ford, and that is quite understandable, but we ask that you let go of your hatred for him now that he is dead. Be content that any damage he did has been reversed and that his only true legacy will be a reminder of what happens when you let hatred and addiction ruin your life.

A happier life is one free of hatred 
and full of love for those around you.

Two Wife Beaters meet, Mike Tyson and Rob Ford

Below in photos you see wife beater Rob Ford fawning over Mike Tyson - a convicted rapist, and a known wife beater from his first marriage. There is also unproven allegations that Mike Tyson strangled his 4-year-old daughter in 2009 with a cord and made it look like an accident.

For Mike Tyson, chumming it up with corrupt politicians like former mayor Rob Ford was a way to try and clean up his image and hopefully people will forget about his past rape conviction or that people suspect he murdered his four-year-old daughter - and then got married to his 3rd wife just 11 days after his daughter died. Some people suspect that his new wife murdered the daughter.

So yeah, two wife beaters chumming it up for the sake of their personal egos.

Meanwhile in other news, there are still suspicions that Rob Ford was somehow involved with the shooting death of Anthony Smith, one of people involved in creating the infamous crack video.

 Anthony Smith, on the left, was killed on March 28th, 2013. He was gunned down by an unknown assailant, possibly a hitman sent by the Ford family. Rob Ford claimed "I had nothing to do with it." when the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington asked about whether he was involved somehow with the shooting.

Muhammad Khattak was also injured during the same incident, suggesting that someone was trying to kill both of them.

Several charges were laid against various people after the shooting, but some were dropped and it is unclear whether police ever caught the true assailant.

Muhammad Khattak claims he was never involved in the making or selling of the Rob Ford crack video and is still alive.

Most of the people believed to be involved with the creation of the Rob Ford crack video / the murder of Anthony Smith are all either dead, in prison, or awaiting trial.

With the exception of Rob Ford himself. He is still alive and free to brag about it.

Final Note

Mike Tyson claims he is now dying of alcoholism. Another thing him and Rob Ford have in common, addiction to alcohol and "drunken stupors".

Rob Ford Poetry, Volume II

There once was a fellow named Rob
Whose comportment made his colleagues sob
He smoked crack cocaine
His excuses were lame
Yet he still could not lose his job

There once was a mayor named Ford
Who to the whole media implored
“I did not do drugs,
but what are these bugs
crawling all over my gourd?!!?”

Toronto is ruled by a mayor
Who’s known as a big spending slayer
In a drunken stupor
He committed a blooper
And eventually fell out of favour

Want to make and share your own? Make your own funny Rob Ford poetry and share it below in the comments.

Rob Ford Poetry, Volume I

Happy Birthday Former Mayor Rob Ford

A fellow we know as Rob Ford
Toronto's Former Mayor smoking crack

By very few folks is adored
It’s the day of his birth
We are stunned by his girth
In his time many drugs he has scored

He was born to the west of Toronto
From downtown not a very long jaunt-o
He resembles a thug
Like his brother named Doug
Who’s as loyal and trusty as Tonto

Rob was born in to privilege and money
As a youth he was quick as a bunny
But he put on some weight
Lots of groceries he ate
And today he's so fat it's not funny

His father had served at Queen’s Park
Where he didn't make much of a mark
Meanwhile Robbie and Doug
Earned much cash selling drug
And they never got nailed by a narc

Rob played football a lot as a teen
For a shot at the pros he was keen
But he didn’t succeed
So he puffed on some weed
Though today he insists he is clean

As a Councillor, then as a Mayor
Rob became a political player
But his style and his denseness
And growing immenseness
Soon made him a Bozo portrayer

Today his career’s in the dumper
How he took it this far is a stumper
His support’s running thin
No one’s buying his spin
As each day he appears to get plumper

So let’s wish Happy Birthday to Rob
Who incredibly still has his job
But if soon he must quit
When considered unfit
He can always find work with the mob


Exit Polls show Stephen Harper's campaign hurt by association with Rob Ford

The Ford brothers’ rallying for Stephen Harper’s election campaign drove potential GTA voters away from the Conservative Party more than the Duffy trial did, exit polling has determined.

“It was clearly a mistake to be seen with the Fords,” pollster Greg Lyle explained on Tuesday. “It didn’t really rally the base, it pushed away swing voters. Not a good move.”

His firm, Innovative Research, conducted polling over the four days following the election, asking voters if certain factors in each party’s campaign made them more or less likely to lend their support.

Each factor was assigned a score: the percentage of voters who said it made them more likely to vote for the party, minus the percentage of those who said less likely. The more positive the number, the better that factor played, the more negative the number, the worse.

The poll also identified each party’s set of swing supporters — the voters who'd been on the fence before Election Day.

Among the Conservative’s swing voters, Harper’s appearance at an Oct. 17 event organized by Rob and Doug Ford earned a net score of -33 per cent. It proved the most overwhelmingly negative factor for swing voters regardless of issue or party.

The Duffy trial scored -30 per cent.

Lyle said the information should discourage politicians from buddying up with the Fords in the future. But, he’s not sure how closely they’ll take heed.

“It’s pretty clear the Ford brothers are the third rail of Canadian politics right now. But they never quit, I mean they just keep coming,” he said.

The Conservatives had a string of negative scores on the major factors in their campaign, boosting the argument they ran a poor campaign.

“Harper’s campaigning” itself was a net negative for swing voters (-11 per cent), as was the “Conservatives' advertising” (-26 per cent).

The party’s niqab stance was a net positive (23 per cent). The promise to introduce a “barbaric cultural practices” tip line, however, tipped negative (-2 per cent).

“That divided swing voters,” Lyle said about the tip line.

The Liberal Party, meanwhile, had only positives scores.

The promised “tax cuts for middle class/increase for high earners” earned a 56 per cent, followed closely by “Trudeau’s campaign” (55 per cent) and “Trudeau’s debate performance” (51 per cent).

As for the NDP, its plan to raise corporate taxes was the most positive factor among its swing voters (47 per cent), while the only negative was the party’s place in the polls (-8% per cent).

Above: The most hated Canadian Prime Minister shakes hands with Toronto's most hated mayor.

Rob Ford has tumour in his bladder and in excruciating pain

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford is in "excruciating pain" and a new tumour has been found on his bladder, brother Doug Ford says.

Ford's medical team at Mount Sinai Hospital discovered the tumour after Ford, 46, was hospitalized for several days last week with abdominal pain, a statement released by his office on Wednesday said. The Etobicoke councillor is at home now, but is expected to return to hospital tomorrow.

"I've never seen him in this much pain," said an emotional Doug Ford.

Doctors have yet to determine if Ford's tumour is new, or if it's potentially related to the abdominal liposarcoma he was diagnosed with last year.

"At this time, we are still awaiting testing results to determine if it is related to the previous growths, as well as whether it is malignant," the statement from Ford's office said.

Ford will get additional treatments to deal with the tumour, though the statement didn't specify what type.

Ford also tweeted, saying he's "optimistic" he'll recover.

"Councillor Ford and his family wish to extend their continued gratitude for the thoughts, prayers, and support that they have received during this difficult time," the statement said.

Doug Ford said the new tumour came out of left field and was a major blow to his brother's morale.
"It's tough right now," he said.

Years of over-eating, drinking lots of hard liquor, drunken stupors, and smoking crack cocaine can leave a person riddled with cancer in multiple locations. Hopefully Torontonians learn from this lesson, don't ruin your body like Rob Ford did.

Update: November 8th

Rob Ford actually has TWO tumours in his bladder, both are believed to be cancerous.

What to do with the Fuck Rob Ford website...

Now that Rob Ford is just away days from losing the title of Mayor, I am wondering what to do with this website.

Delete it?

Leave it up?

Post funny photos of politicians in general?

Rebrand it as something new?

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Finally - Rob Ford is officially gone... But lo, the threat of Doug Ford looms

Thanks to health problems Rob Ford has decided not to run for re-election as mayor of Toronto.

Instead his brother Doug Ford has decided to step up to the plate - opening the door to a Ford Brother is vaguely more competent.

New polls show that Doug Ford is in 2nd place - but polling these days are notorious inaccurate because they only poll people who are at home, and who own home phones (landlines). It does not poll people who own only a cell phone - or people who have call display and refuse to answer the phone when an unknown number calls them.

The most recent poll by Forum Research Inc. shows the following:

John Tory at 41%
Doug Ford at 34%
Olivia Chow at 19%

Just days ago a similar poll pegged Rob Ford at 28%. Switching to the drug dealer brother instead of the drug addict apparently boosted Ford Nation's chances of winning by 6%.

A different poll from Mainstreet Technologies gives different results:

John Tory at 45%
Olivia Chow at 27%
Doug Ford at 16%

So unless something disastrous happens (like the polls were incredibly inaccurate as to be nowhere near the result) John Tory will likely be the next mayor of Toronto.

It would be nicer if it was closer to 40% Tory, 40% Chow, and 20% Ford... then at least election night would be less likely to be a landslide victory for Tory.

John Tory as you may have heard is basically just "Rob Ford Lite" - all the Conservatism, but with none of the crack-smoking or boozing.

Which means for the right-wingers, this election is basically fixed and rubber stamped. Most people are voting for either "Rob Ford's Brother" or "Rob Ford Lite".

If only there was a third option people could vote for.

The Grand Public Conspiracy to Discredit Rob Ford

What if there really was a huge conspiracy to discredit Rob Ford?

Well, let us amend that by creating a new phrase instead of conspiracy. Conspiracy means it is a small number of people who are secretly working towards one goal.

No what is happening here is not a conspiracy by any normal definition. It is too public and many people involved - with different goals and reasons for why they dislike Rob Ford.

People who like libraries.
"Orientals" who feel offended.
Women who don't like being groped, who don't like husbands who hit their wives, and women who don't like the mental abuse of being called a "pussy" by their husband in a very public manner.
People who find lies or "drunken stupors" deplorable.
Students from Rob Ford's old football coaching days, who dislike being called "minorities" in a degrading and racist fashion.
People who dislike it when white men use the n-word. (Or when anyone uses it for that matter.)
People who are upset that Rob Ford has broken his promises about subway expansion. He promised expansion, but do you see any work being done???
Anyone who finds the act of using drugs and alcohol (to the point that impairs their ability to work) while in public office an unforgivable offense.

Basically almost everyone has a reason to join a very public "quest" to have Rob Ford removed from office. It is not a conspiracy, it is a quest like the Crusades. Every person Rob Ford annoys is one more person in the army of people who want Rob Ford out of office.

Who is lying, the Americans or Rob Ford's lawyer?

According to U.S. officials Rob Ford has not arrived in the USA.

And yet according to Rob Ford's lawyer, Rob Ford has officially checked into rehab in the USA, but he won't say where.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford boarded a private plane to Chicago last week, but when he arrived in Chicago he then withdrew his request to enter the USA (leaving him in legal no-mans-land on the airport tarmac). The private plane reportedly then left Chicago, but it is not publicly known what its flight plan was.

What is known is that Rob Ford was on the plane and that the plane has not landed in either the USA or Canada, according to both U.S. and Canadian officials.

Last week, the mayor took a private plane from Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport to Chicago, but the Consul General of Canada in Chicago has confirmed that Ford did not formally enter the USA.

Upon arrival on Thursday, Ford spoke to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Consul General of Canada in Chicago. At that point, Ford withdrew his request to enter, then departed in his private plane.

It is not known why Ford withdrew his application after flying to the "Windy City" from Toronto, nor is it known where the mayor went after the plane turned around and went elsewhere.

Rob Ford's lawyer Dennis Morris said he was not on the plane with the mayor, so he couldn't comment on what went on south of the border. Dennis Morris says that the fact that the mayor is in rehab is "amazing", but he will not disclose his client's location.

The whereabouts of Rob Ford are unknown nearly a week after the Toronto mayor announced he was taking a leave of absence to seek professional help for a substance abuse problem.

The day after Ford flew to Chicago, his lawyer confirmed to CTV Toronto that the mayor had checked in to a rehab facility but refused to confirm the location.

And since his plane has not landed in Canada or the USA, it is possible he has flown to Mexico, the Bahamas, or a Central American country.

DECO Labels and Tags (one of the largest label companies in the world), the business owned by the Fords which made them billionaires, has its U.S. headquarters in Chicago, and the family maintains a residence in the city.

His ties to the Illinois city fueled speculation that he flew there to check into a local rehab facility, but there was no confirmation that Chicago was the mayor's final destination - and since he did not enter the USA according to the border patrol he must have gone somewhere else.

Ford's announcement followed a series of damaging reports containing new allegations about drug and alcohol use and inappropriate comments about a colleague that came out on Wednesday night.

The mayor told the city clerk he was taking a leave, but vowed to stay on as mayor and seek re-election in October. His notice of leave of absence did not include a return date.

So for all we know Rob Ford isn't even in a rehab. Probably somewhere getting drunk and high right now.

I’m done. I’m going to California, says Rob Ford

“. . . I’m not coming back. Once I’m done, I’m done. I’m going to California.” - Rob Ford.

The above quote is from the transcript of Rob Ford's latest drunken rant while at a Toronto pub, during which Rob Ford announced his intention to leave Toronto after he is done being mayor of Toronto and move to California instead.

This shows that Rob Ford hates Toronto - something I have pointed out previously on this blog. He certainly does not love Toronto. He just loves being the guy in charge and bullying people. Bullying people is what he loves.

So if he loses his re-election bid, if he drops out of the 2014 mayoral election, even if he did miraculously win somehow and stayed for 4 more years (unless kicked out of office for corruption or arrested for illegal activities) - the end result is clear. As soon as Rob Ford is done being mayor of Toronto, his intention - by his own words - is to leave Toronto and move to California.

I say let him go NOW.

The sooner the better.

He is obviously tired of politics and public life.

Rob Ford's quote on that topic:

“. . . I’m fucking sick of politics dude look at my record, I’m going to win, we’re going. You’ve got two choices, Olivia Chow . . . it’s the same vote. You vote for Tory, you vote for Chow.”

It is pretty clear Rob Ford wants a break, hence why he finally broke down and agreed to go to rehab for his crack addiction and alcoholism.

So the end result is that Rob Ford will move to California where he will have two options before him:

He can go to one of California's many rehab centres and clean himself up.

Or he can smoke crack until he overdoses and kills himself.

Thankfully he is going to rehab now, so maybe he will do the first. Time will tell.

Meanwhile people are betting he will quit rehab in the first two months and come back to Toronto to wreck more havoc before he eventually leaves and moves to California.

Rob Ford goes on leave of absence, goes to Rehab

Rob Ford left his home today in the wake of a new crack cocaine video showing him smoking crack, and also in the wake of drunk comments (possibly high comments too) he made at a bar.

Since the appearance of the new video and audio Rob Ford announced that he will be taking a leave of absence to go to rehab. It is unclear where Rob Ford will be seeking rehab treatment - possibly somewhere in the USA.

A friend of the family carried his luggage to a car and then Rob Ford got into a 2nd car.

It is also unknown how long Rob Ford will be gone. Could be a week, two weeks, a month, or more.

To be effective treatment he should be there a minimum of 3 months. Possibly even 6 months.

However we would wager odds Rob Ford won't even make it to 2 months - because he lacks the patience to stay there longer, and because he will want to get back to Toronto in an effort to establish himself for re-election.

However we would also guess that an extended stay might actually help his re-election chances. It would show he was serious about change. If he stayed at rehab for May, June, July and August - and then return 50 lbs lighter, sober and drug free - well then he could say that he has changed his ways somewhat.

But if he returns after only 1 or 2 months then he will likely relapse and the hilarity will continue as Torontonians shake their heads in disgust at our buffoon of a mayor.

In case you haven't seen the screen shots from the new crack video here they are.

New Rob Ford Crack Video Surfaces

A new Rob Ford crack video was recently made - showing Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine - again!

The new video was recorded in the early AM hours of Saturday morning - April 26th 2014.

The drug dealers (new drug dealers, the old ones from last year all mysteriously died...) who made the video are now trying to sell the video to Gawker and the Globe and Mail.

Below are stills from screen captures of the video.

Rob Ford's Latest Drunken Rant

The following audio recording was made while Rob Ford was drunk (and possibly high) at a Toronto bar.

The audio contains a lot of derogatory comments about his political opponents - and even his one time allies. No doubt this audio will burn a few bridges. The video shows that Ford is the type of politician who burns bridges instead of building them.

Toronto needs a mayor who builds things. Not someone who smokes up and burns everything, including his own reputation.

Below is an uncensored transcript of an audio tape of Rob Ford speaking at a bar. Parts of the tape are inaudible and the other speaker has not been identified.

Rob Ford: “. . . fucking flag up ahead of our Canadian flag. I said no . . . bullshit. Then they said they went to Queen’s Park and Tim Hudak comes out and said I agree with all the gays . . . That’s it. I lost my conservative values . . .


“. . . No, they went. The gay organization goes to Queen’s Park . . . At Queen’s Park you have to have every member to vote for. No, no, no, Tim says you know what I think that’s right . . . Right there, he lost my vote.

“I can’t vote Liberal because I don’t like what Wynne is doing, not because she’s gay or not, I just don’t like corruption. NDP, I’m just not left wing. I am like Tim Hudak, but I can’t, I won’t put a sign up . . . I might have to vote Green, I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to vote now. I have to vote something, but I’m absolutely going to vote. I’m probably going to vote Green because guy didn’t say a fucking word . . .”


“. . . I don’t mind as long as they vote. I’d rather they vote against me than not vote at all. I’d rather lose to Olivia Chow than lose to anyone . . .’


“. . . I’m not coming back. Once I’m done, I’m done. I’m going to California.”

Other speaker: “How about Karen Stintz?”

Rob Ford: “I’d fucking jam her. (Laughter) I’m so sorry I forgot there was a woman around . . .”


“. . . There’s no secret service . . . there’s no secret service . . . I’m not the normal mayor, I’m not the normal mayor. Brother, I’d fuck her wife . . . I won’t go that far.”

Other speaker: “When is the last time you smoked a joint?”

Rob Ford: “It doesn’t matter. I, I, I, these guys want me fucking covered. I said nobody’s going to cover me, I’ve got everything under control . . . I’m good. Is this your wife? Get a shot right now or I’ll fucking (inaudible) . . . I don’t mind talking politics . . . I’d pound this every day . . .”


“. . . If you don’t get a shot in two seconds I’ll knock your fucking teeth out.

Other speaker: “Everyone is allowed their downtime.”

Rob Ford: “Get her two shots . . .”


“. . . I’m fucking sick of politics dude look at my record, I’m going to win, we’re going. You’ve got two choices, Olivia Chow . . . it’s the same vote. You vote for Tory, you vote for Chow.

Other speaker: “You’re splitting the vote.”

Can anything Rob Ford do surprise you?

If a new video came out showing Rob Ford doing appalling acts, I really would not be surprised. The man will do anything for attention.

And he is certainly a glut for personal vices and exploring the dark seedy underbelly of society.

I don't know if the photo below is real or faked, but I really would not be surprised if it was real. We already know he enjoys beating his wife and committing sexual assault (groping unwilling females at social events), so something like what you see in the image below really isn't that surprising.

Rob Ford's Words in the Mouth of a Child

Hilarious. It raises some very valid points about how Rob Ford is such a horrible role model and that his lies are hurting children who hear his lies.

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