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Rob Ford Poetry, Volume II

There once was a fellow named Rob
Whose comportment made his colleagues sob
He smoked crack cocaine
His excuses were lame
Yet he still could not lose his job

There once was a mayor named Ford
Who to the whole media implored
“I did not do drugs,
but what are these bugs
crawling all over my gourd?!!?”

Toronto is ruled by a mayor
Who’s known as a big spending slayer
In a drunken stupor
He committed a blooper
And eventually fell out of favour

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1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately the story isn't over. It's just a guess but the Ford family will continue to pay for their way into politics. Using their name and money to create false narratives about the family being 'for the people'.
    It's also important to mention that Rob Ford was a created character. His family wouldn't allow him to get a bigger house like Doug, and flash his money around, 'cause it was bad for their brand. He may have returned phone calls but many people have said that it actually accomplished nothing even though they were happy to get the phone call.


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