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Is Rob Ford's voters on crack?

I am starting to think voters in the suburbs - aka people who vote for Rob Ford - are on crack.

Or in a drunken stupor.

Or binge drinking.

Or high on pot or paint fumes or something.

Because the history clearly shows that Rob Ford has:

Raised taxes.

Raised TTC fares.

Laid off police and library staff.

Presided over the highest unemployment rate in decades.

Acted like a buffoon and embarrassed the city.

And he has done nothing to actually help the city. Nada. Zilch.

And now if he even wanted to do something mentionable, he can't because he is now mayor in name only and a lame duck.

So why would anyone want to re-elect a mayor who is a lame duck do-nothing who raises taxes?

Ergo Rob Ford's voters must be on crack.

Rob Ford HATES Toronto

I recently realized something today.

Rob Ford hates Toronto.

I mean think about it logically, what is Toronto actually known for?!

#1. Hippies and Environmentalists. Rob Ford HATES hippies and environmentalists.

#2. Bicyclists. Rob Ford hates bicyclists.

#3. Traffic. Rob Ford hates traffic (don't we all?).

#4. Sports teams that never win. Rob Ford hates sports teams that never win.

#5. Homeless people. Rob Ford hates homeless people and homeless shelters.

#6. Gay and Lesbian people. Rob Ford hates gays and lesbians.

#7. Universities. Rob Ford hates universities. He doesn't even have a degree.

#8. "Orientals". While he hasn't actually said that he despises them, it has been implied by the mere fact
he uses the word "orientals" and his comments about them show some serious ignorance.

#9. Artists. Rob Ford hates artists - especially any artists who make fun of Rob Ford.

#10. The Toronto Star. Rob Ford hates the Toronto Star - and reporters in general.

So what does Rob Ford actually like?

Drinking, getting high, football, the suburbs, eating junk food (who doesn't?) and pretending to be a big shot.

Rob Ford is not homophobic

Rob Ford is not homophobic. He just hates gay people.

His brother Doug claims that Rob even has friends who are gay. Oh really? Where are they? Ask them to speak up then.

Otherwise Rob Ford could claim any number of things like "I have many friends who are reporters." Or "I have many friends who are Jewish." Oh really?

This is a case wherein both Rob and Doug have lied so many times we cannot believe anything either of them say.

The truth is Rob Ford is not afraid of gay of people. This has nothing to do with fear or phobia.

Rob Ford just hates gay people. Period.

And "Orientals", but hey that is normal for ignorant bigots who suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Rob Ford's Facebook Look Back Video

Below - Rob Ford's Facebook Look Back Video

Rob Ford Timeline on the topic of Smoking Crack Cocaine

Rob Ford Timeline on the topic of Smoking Crack Cocaine

Roughly 600 new videos of Rob Ford in one week

I just did a Google video search, but I limited the search results so it only showed videos that had been posted in the last week.

The search results turned up roughly 600 videos about Rob Ford, of Rob Ford, all posted on YouTube and similar websites, all in the last 7 days.

What it makes me realize is that the huge media frenzy over Rob Ford has become so ridiculous that there is no shortage of videos out there mocking Toronto's crack smoking mayor.

For fun I also checked out how many videos were posted in the last 24 hours and the last hour. Some of the videos were just repostings of older videos - but quite a few of them are brand new content.

Videos like the one below...

Rob Ford's List of Broken Promises

Rob Ford likes to talk big, but he is very bad at telling the truth and keeping promises.

The fact is Rob Ford has probably spent more time getting high / getting drunk / behaving like a jackass than actually doing anything to help the people of Toronto.

Thus it is really fun when Rob Ford claims his "fiscal record" will help get him re-elected.

His "fiscal record" is ridiculous. He comes up with numbers like "saving the city over a billion dollars" when in reality he has raised taxes, raised TTC fares, spent money on private feuds like ripping up bicycle lanes (just because he hates cyclists) and a long list of other gaffs and fiscal mismanagements.

It makes you realize that "Ford Nation" really just means fiscal incompetence and broken promises.

Check out the video below to see a list of Rob Ford's broken promises.

How Do You See Toronto?

How Do You See Toronto?

Quotes from Rob Ford, the Crack Mayor of Toronto

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