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Is Rob Ford's voters on crack?

I am starting to think voters in the suburbs - aka people who vote for Rob Ford - are on crack.

Or in a drunken stupor.

Or binge drinking.

Or high on pot or paint fumes or something.

Because the history clearly shows that Rob Ford has:

Raised taxes.

Raised TTC fares.

Laid off police and library staff.

Presided over the highest unemployment rate in decades.

Acted like a buffoon and embarrassed the city.

And he has done nothing to actually help the city. Nada. Zilch.

And now if he even wanted to do something mentionable, he can't because he is now mayor in name only and a lame duck.

So why would anyone want to re-elect a mayor who is a lame duck do-nothing who raises taxes?

Ergo Rob Ford's voters must be on crack.


  1. are you fooking high mate u clearly haven't done no research into anything cause mayor ford has not only saved over 100 million dollars on useless spending but helped out the Etobicoke and coached and founded the don bosco eagles. so do some research before you try to say anything bad about anyone.

    1. Hey Aaron! You sound like the one who is high (and can't spell). And apparently you are easily tricked by Rob Ford's speeches. He is very good at lying and claiming he saved the city money, but the truth is that the so-called "gravy train" is now costing taxpayers more than ever.

      Rob Ford has raised taxes for 3 years in a row because he keeps spending more an more. Does that sound like a mayor who is saving you money?


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