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What to do with the Fuck Rob Ford website...

Now that Rob Ford is just away days from losing the title of Mayor, I am wondering what to do with this website.

Delete it?

Leave it up?

Post funny photos of politicians in general?

Rebrand it as something new?

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.


  1. Its time to change the focus of this website. Now we have to work on getting him out of the Hockey Hall of Fame!!! WTF! Who thought having this buffoon associated with names like Gordie Howe and Wayne Gretzky was a good idea. The embarrassment and buffoonery will come!

  2. Since the asshole isn't going anywhere, and his fuckup brother isn't either, it's best to keep it around. More of these two twits to come, until the day they do the world a favour for once and stop breathing.


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