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I’m done. I’m going to California, says Rob Ford

“. . . I’m not coming back. Once I’m done, I’m done. I’m going to California.” - Rob Ford.

The above quote is from the transcript of Rob Ford's latest drunken rant while at a Toronto pub, during which Rob Ford announced his intention to leave Toronto after he is done being mayor of Toronto and move to California instead.

This shows that Rob Ford hates Toronto - something I have pointed out previously on this blog. He certainly does not love Toronto. He just loves being the guy in charge and bullying people. Bullying people is what he loves.

So if he loses his re-election bid, if he drops out of the 2014 mayoral election, even if he did miraculously win somehow and stayed for 4 more years (unless kicked out of office for corruption or arrested for illegal activities) - the end result is clear. As soon as Rob Ford is done being mayor of Toronto, his intention - by his own words - is to leave Toronto and move to California.

I say let him go NOW.

The sooner the better.

He is obviously tired of politics and public life.

Rob Ford's quote on that topic:

“. . . I’m fucking sick of politics dude look at my record, I’m going to win, we’re going. You’ve got two choices, Olivia Chow . . . it’s the same vote. You vote for Tory, you vote for Chow.”

It is pretty clear Rob Ford wants a break, hence why he finally broke down and agreed to go to rehab for his crack addiction and alcoholism.

So the end result is that Rob Ford will move to California where he will have two options before him:

He can go to one of California's many rehab centres and clean himself up.

Or he can smoke crack until he overdoses and kills himself.

Thankfully he is going to rehab now, so maybe he will do the first. Time will tell.

Meanwhile people are betting he will quit rehab in the first two months and come back to Toronto to wreck more havoc before he eventually leaves and moves to California.

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