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Rob Ford's Latest Drunken Rant

The following audio recording was made while Rob Ford was drunk (and possibly high) at a Toronto bar.

The audio contains a lot of derogatory comments about his political opponents - and even his one time allies. No doubt this audio will burn a few bridges. The video shows that Ford is the type of politician who burns bridges instead of building them.

Toronto needs a mayor who builds things. Not someone who smokes up and burns everything, including his own reputation.

Below is an uncensored transcript of an audio tape of Rob Ford speaking at a bar. Parts of the tape are inaudible and the other speaker has not been identified.

Rob Ford: “. . . fucking flag up ahead of our Canadian flag. I said no . . . bullshit. Then they said they went to Queen’s Park and Tim Hudak comes out and said I agree with all the gays . . . That’s it. I lost my conservative values . . .


“. . . No, they went. The gay organization goes to Queen’s Park . . . At Queen’s Park you have to have every member to vote for. No, no, no, Tim says you know what I think that’s right . . . Right there, he lost my vote.

“I can’t vote Liberal because I don’t like what Wynne is doing, not because she’s gay or not, I just don’t like corruption. NDP, I’m just not left wing. I am like Tim Hudak, but I can’t, I won’t put a sign up . . . I might have to vote Green, I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to vote now. I have to vote something, but I’m absolutely going to vote. I’m probably going to vote Green because guy didn’t say a fucking word . . .”


“. . . I don’t mind as long as they vote. I’d rather they vote against me than not vote at all. I’d rather lose to Olivia Chow than lose to anyone . . .’


“. . . I’m not coming back. Once I’m done, I’m done. I’m going to California.”

Other speaker: “How about Karen Stintz?”

Rob Ford: “I’d fucking jam her. (Laughter) I’m so sorry I forgot there was a woman around . . .”


“. . . There’s no secret service . . . there’s no secret service . . . I’m not the normal mayor, I’m not the normal mayor. Brother, I’d fuck her wife . . . I won’t go that far.”

Other speaker: “When is the last time you smoked a joint?”

Rob Ford: “It doesn’t matter. I, I, I, these guys want me fucking covered. I said nobody’s going to cover me, I’ve got everything under control . . . I’m good. Is this your wife? Get a shot right now or I’ll fucking (inaudible) . . . I don’t mind talking politics . . . I’d pound this every day . . .”


“. . . If you don’t get a shot in two seconds I’ll knock your fucking teeth out.

Other speaker: “Everyone is allowed their downtime.”

Rob Ford: “Get her two shots . . .”


“. . . I’m fucking sick of politics dude look at my record, I’m going to win, we’re going. You’ve got two choices, Olivia Chow . . . it’s the same vote. You vote for Tory, you vote for Chow.

Other speaker: “You’re splitting the vote.”

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