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Rob Ford denies existence of video

Today Rob Ford denied the existence of the video showing him smoking crack cocaine.

As if sticking his head in the sand will make it any less factual.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford vehemently denied allegations that he can be seen on a cellphone video smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine.

"I do not use crack cocaine," Ford told a jam-packed news conference at Toronto City Hall. "Nor am I an addict of crack cocaine."

The crackhead mayor said it was "business as usual at city hall" and gave no indication that he has any intention of leaving the job.

Which is true, even if the video turns out to be him smoking crack cocaine, they really have no power to push him out of office even if we could prove if its actually crack he is smoking in the video.

Rob Ford has been avoiding questions and talking about the crack video for over a week now, denying its very existence while simultaneously denying that it was crack he was smoking in the video.

That is a bit like claiming

"I didn't steal anything from the cookie jar." and also saying "I did eat some cookies, but you can't tell whether they were from THAT cookie jar."

Ford also said he could not comment on a video "that I have never seen or does not exist."

Umm... saying that counts as a comment. And the way he said it, with the or implies that it probably does exist, and that he is simply refusing to talk in detail about the events in the video because he a) hasn't seen it and b) doesn't remember everything that he did during the making of the video.

Ford refused to answer questions at the end of his short statement and left the room.


At the start of the press conference Rob Ford seemed to be smiling a lot at the beginning. Nervous habit maybe? Or did he come up with $200,000 to buy the video and has already paid for it?

In a note posted on the Gawker website, Gawker editor John Cook said his confidence in completing a deal to buy the video has "diminished" because the dealer who has the video has been incommunicado in recent days. So either the dealer is waiting for the $$$ being raised to reach $200,000 or is it possible they have already sold the video to Rob Ford??? In which case, did they keep a copy of the video and are planning to sell the backup copy to Gawker?

Because lets face it, if you could make $400,000 instead by selling the original copy to Rob Ford (who destroys it) and selling a backup copy to Gawker, why wouldn't you take the $400,000 instead? Especially since it minimizes your losses and doubles your profits.


Rob Ford has been fired as head coach of the Don Bosco Eagles senior football team.

 Yesterday / Thursday, Mark Towhey, Rob Ford’s chief of staff, was fired after he urged the mayor to "get help". Presumably with his crack addiction, otherwise why else was he fired?

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