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Rob Ford blames cyclists, saying its their own fault

We all know Rob Ford hates cyclists.

It is mostly because he sucks at driving.

But what you might not know is how much Rob Ford absolutely hates cyclists.

Back in 2007, he said that if a bicyclist is killed by a car, it was the bicyclist's own fault for riding a bicycle.

He seems to have missed the point that bike lanes are there to give both cars and cyclists more safety and security, and that bicycles have been on the roads longer than cars and are legally considered to be "vehicles".

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  1. As for cycling in the winter, Toronto is Florida..the Florida of Canada. You can cycle all year. Oh BTW - its too hot to cycle in Florida. You will pass out. I don't think Rob has been of the house much. Its not so bad out here Mr. Mayor. His opinion isn't much different than many though. And he is right, its dangerous if you don't know what your doing. Cycling is more for cyclists in Toronto. Little bike lanes don't help much unless they go everywhere. In China there are so many bikes you are safer in a crowd. At the end of oil maybe we should all learn.


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