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Rob Ford doesn't deny smoking crack cocaine

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been caught on video smoking crack cocaine and is not denying that the events in the video happened.

Instead he is calling them "ridiculous", but his actions ridiculous or not, he is not disputing the existence of the video showing him smoking crack cocaine and the comments he made during the video.

His comments during the video include:

#1. Calling Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau "a fag".

#2.When asked about a football team and he mumbles “they are just f---ing minorities.”

#3. Complains about the Don Bosco high school football team.

“I’m f---ing right-wing,” Ford appears to mutter at one point. “Everyone expects me to be right-wing. I’m just supposed to be this great.…” and his voice trails off.

During the video Rob Ford is sitting down, his shirt open, smoking from a crack pipe.

The video ends with the ringing of a cellphone (it is not clear if it is the cellphone that is being used to video the scene). The ring tone, which is a song, startles the mayor, whose slitted eyes open a bit, and he is heard to say, “That phone better not be on.”

The makers of the video, a group of Somali drug dealers who sold Rob Ford the crack cocaine, are attempting to sell ownership of the video to the highest bidder and are looking for at least 6 figures.

One of the owners of the video was killed in a shooting in downtown Toronto two weeks ago. He is shown in the photo up above, on the left, with his arm on Mayor Rob Ford's shoulder.

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