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Rob Ford attacks meat and potatoes, ignores gravy train

During 2013 Rob Ford proved his "gravy train" is meaningless, and proved that he is Toronto's worst enemy by bringing shame to the city on the world stage.

Since taking office Rob Ford's budget cuts have repeatedly attacked the "meat and potatoes" of Toronto instead of any so-called "gravy train".

Instead Rob Ford's wasteful spending is arguably a much bigger "gravy train" than any of the cuts he has proposed / pushed through city hall.

Fortunately Rob Ford has fallen out of favour thanks to his crack cocaine / pot addiction, wild antics, drunken behaviour, lies, corruption, temper tantrums, his threat to kill Toronto's chief of police and more. His power in city hall has been reduced to "mayor in name only".

At which point Torontonians need to be asking, do we really need a mayor?

After all, a mayor is basically just a spokesperson for the city who has a vote on city council. It is city council that wields the true power.

And we should be really thankful for that. If Rob Ford had his way, Toronto would be a financial ruin and he would drive the city drunkenly down a dark road and off a cliff. Toronto's city council however has the brains to put on the brakes however and stave off disaster.

I think the Toronto Sun summed it up quite well recently - Rob Ford is dead weight.

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