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Rob Ford goes on leave of absence, goes to Rehab

Rob Ford left his home today in the wake of a new crack cocaine video showing him smoking crack, and also in the wake of drunk comments (possibly high comments too) he made at a bar.

Since the appearance of the new video and audio Rob Ford announced that he will be taking a leave of absence to go to rehab. It is unclear where Rob Ford will be seeking rehab treatment - possibly somewhere in the USA.

A friend of the family carried his luggage to a car and then Rob Ford got into a 2nd car.

It is also unknown how long Rob Ford will be gone. Could be a week, two weeks, a month, or more.

To be effective treatment he should be there a minimum of 3 months. Possibly even 6 months.

However we would wager odds Rob Ford won't even make it to 2 months - because he lacks the patience to stay there longer, and because he will want to get back to Toronto in an effort to establish himself for re-election.

However we would also guess that an extended stay might actually help his re-election chances. It would show he was serious about change. If he stayed at rehab for May, June, July and August - and then return 50 lbs lighter, sober and drug free - well then he could say that he has changed his ways somewhat.

But if he returns after only 1 or 2 months then he will likely relapse and the hilarity will continue as Torontonians shake their heads in disgust at our buffoon of a mayor.

In case you haven't seen the screen shots from the new crack video here they are.


  1. So you gay hugging, trough chowing wing nuts want Rob gone, we get it. But which deceitful money grubbing scumbag are you going to trot out as your mayor? Rob Ford at his worst is still better then any of the losers you endorse at their best. Rob Ford Forever!!

    1. Hey Jodie... Normally we don't allow homophobic comments like yours on here but we decided to approve your comment because you are a prime example of Rob Ford's anti-gay / right wing nutjob / can't do math supporters.

      Rob Ford is the most corrupt mayor Toronto has ever seen. Rob Ford is a prime example of being "deceitful money grubbing scumbag" you speak of and is the very reason we started this blog back in November 2010 (2.5 years before the crack scandal).

      Mel Lastman on his worst day was by far better than anything Rob Ford could do on his best day. We all know it. What did Mel Lastman do? Oh he fathered an illegitimate son years before he was even mayor. Compared to Toronto's current corrupt money grubbing mayor (who smokes crack, gets drunks and beats up his wife) Mel Lastman was a saint.

      Don't like what the majority of Torontonians are saying about Rob Ford's corruption and crack smoking? Just deal with it. We have the moral high ground. And if you can't deal with it, then I suggest you follow Rob Ford's own advice for naysayers: "Piss off."


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