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The Grand Public Conspiracy to Discredit Rob Ford

What if there really was a huge conspiracy to discredit Rob Ford?

Well, let us amend that by creating a new phrase instead of conspiracy. Conspiracy means it is a small number of people who are secretly working towards one goal.

No what is happening here is not a conspiracy by any normal definition. It is too public and many people involved - with different goals and reasons for why they dislike Rob Ford.

People who like libraries.
"Orientals" who feel offended.
Women who don't like being groped, who don't like husbands who hit their wives, and women who don't like the mental abuse of being called a "pussy" by their husband in a very public manner.
People who find lies or "drunken stupors" deplorable.
Students from Rob Ford's old football coaching days, who dislike being called "minorities" in a degrading and racist fashion.
People who dislike it when white men use the n-word. (Or when anyone uses it for that matter.)
People who are upset that Rob Ford has broken his promises about subway expansion. He promised expansion, but do you see any work being done???
Anyone who finds the act of using drugs and alcohol (to the point that impairs their ability to work) while in public office an unforgivable offense.

Basically almost everyone has a reason to join a very public "quest" to have Rob Ford removed from office. It is not a conspiracy, it is a quest like the Crusades. Every person Rob Ford annoys is one more person in the army of people who want Rob Ford out of office.

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  1. I just did a websearch for something like "How can people be stupid enough for Rob Ford" and read the website that caught my eye, titled "Fuck Rob Ford." This is what I had to say:

    I agree. Fuck him. I saw him at a mayoral candidates' meeting in 2010. He was unable to carry on an actual conversation about anything that was asked of the candidates. He was able to respond with a simple idea and link it to the catchphrases he awkwardly reworked to avoid sounding mechanical and repetitive. He was unable to intelligently discuss any of the issues raised that would be relevant to being Mayor of a city like Toronto. It was *NOT* obvious to me that he had a substance abuse problem, nor did I even suspect, though I would have acknowledged it as a possibility. On the contrary, it was plainly obvious that he lacked intelligence and was not suited to be mayor of our great city.

    I do not understand how so many people in Toronto can actually want to vote for Rob Ford. He is an obxious, half-witted bully.


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