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Ford ally Stintz opposes library cuts

Karen Stintz, a key member of Rob Ford’s administration, has come out in opposition to cutbacks to Toronto libraries. In a tweet this morning (July 27th 2011), Ms. Stintz, who represents Eglinton-Lawrence and is chairwoman of the Toronto Transit Commission, wrote "I value the Toronto Public Library… these are not the types of cuts I will support."

The threat of funding reductions to Toronto libraries has emerged as one of the more controversial suggestions in a consultants’ report, raising the rancour of many Torontonians, including celebrated author Margaret Atwood who has been waging an online battle to protect public libraries.

Councillor Doug Ford dismissed Ms. Atwood’s opposition on yesterday but the argument isn't over.

For Ms. Stintz, that’s clearly a non-starter in her ward. In comments posted to her blog, Ms. Stintz described libraries “an integral part of our community.” Obviously Ms. Stintz recognizes that libraries is a valuable part of education, job creation and crime prevention (areas with more libraries have lower crime rates).

Stintz gave a shout out to the three branches in Ward 16 — Armour Heights, Locke Library and the Northern District Branch — noting that they “serve the local community, are a part of our history and support the City’s literary talent.” Northern District underwent renovations, and recently welcome Terry Fallis, author of the book The Best Laid Plans, she wrote. “My kids have also benefited from the services of the libraries in the community. They each have library cards and love the library.” She assured her constituents “these are not the types of cuts I will support.”

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