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Rob Ford implies people who hate him are unemployed losers

Rob Ford says there is a good reason why “Ford Nation” — the nickname for the Fords’ support base — hasn’t been turning out for the public meetings.

“Ford Nation is too busy working, paying taxes, creating jobs, that’s what they’re doing,” says Rob Ford.

Which implies that the people who do show up at public meetings don't have jobs, don't pay taxes and aren't helping the economy. Absolute nonsense. (I'm the CEO of my own firm. I pay my taxes, I'm hard working and I am helping the economy. And I am the creator of this blog... Evidently this is another situation of Rob Ford's foot-in-mouth syndrome.)

Rob Ford also says he is working to privatize 311 call centres. 311 handles city services like removing hazardous waste, rabid animals, non-emergency services, etc. There is no guarantee this will be cheaper outsourced.

Ford said the search for a call centre alternative shouldn’t include India or China but could be located anywhere in North America. Instead he wants to hire an American firm because they're cheaper.

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