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Maybe if there were more libraries in Doug Ford's ward he would know who the Governor General's Award-winning author is

Doug Ford, the Toronto city councillor and brother/brains of Mayor Rob Ford, said he didn't know who Canadian literary icon Margaret Atwood is when responding to questions about the author's role in campaigning to keep public libraries off the city's budgetary chopping block. Atwood has leant her name and considerable notoriety to an Internet campaign launched in the wake of Doug Ford's claim that there were more libraries than Tim Horton's restaurants in his ward, and that the city could afford to shut some down.

Ford said he “wouldn't have a clue” who Atwood is if she walked by him, and that she should run for city council if she was so concerned about libraries. Ford then reiterated his willingness to close one of three libraries in his ward, because as any good small-government supporter knows, the last thing a city needs is free books, Internet connections, and entertainment accessible for all families.

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  1. Nah, don't think so, not bright enough for that.


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